Unique Fathers Day Experiences for Fathers Day 2019

Father’s Day is fast approaching – it’s this weekend to be precise! I’ve decided to put a little post together picking out some of the top experiences you can buy as a gift for your dad, if you struggle on what to get him.

I mean, Fathers Day is always a tricky one. There’s a good chance you’ve bought copious amounts of aftershave, socks and slippers over the past few occasions for your day.

If you’re out of gift ideas, why not try an experience day?

Maybe your dad would love a driving experience, or a day packed full of outdoor adventure. Perhaps he’s a foodie or a wine lover, and would appreciate a day spent getting involved with the food and drink industry?

Whatever experience you get him, make sure to always get him a card. My Dad isn’t materialistic, so it can be really hard to get him a present. I usually book a trip away in the UK somewhere for the family, last year we had a seaside weekend in Lytham which was so lovely! But regardless, he will always have a card to open – even when I lived in Australia for a year.

The beauty of cards is they can be quite personalised now, for example I love the range of First Fathers Day cards at Card Factory – how cute are they for first time dads?

Once you have got your card sorted (I actually always buy mine from Card Factory due to excellent value and choice) it comes down to looking at some experiences. Here are a few that I like…

A Flying Experience

You can buy your dad a 30-minute flying lesson for less than you might think if you search online. I feel like with experiences like this, it’s something your Dad would love to do, however, it’s not really something they would ever book off their own back.

Once he’s up in the sky learning to fly with an expert, your dad will get one-on-one tuition from the instructor as he takes control a few thousand feet off the deck. You never know, this could introduce him to a new hobby…

It’s definitely a once in a lifetime experience for those fathers who aren’t afraid of heights, and love an adrenaline rush.

Indoor Skydiving

I did this myself last year and absolutley loved it. I was really unsure before I did it and couldn’t get my head around what the experience would feel like. It was beyond fun!

This is perfect for those with lower budgets and with Dad’s who might like to pretend they like heights. This is an indoor skydiving experience, where instead of jumping out a plane at 10,000 feet, you’ll be suspended on a cushion of air a few feet from the ground.

Costing just £39.99, this experience is available in three locations across the UK, Manchester being one of them.

Tribute Band and Meal Evening

If you just want to spend quality time with your dad, which involves drinks, food and dancing thrown in, why not locate his favourite tribute band?

Perhaps your dad is a firm fan of David Bowie, Rod Steward, The Beatles or Neil Diamond? Have a search in your area for tribute bands. Many hotels put on evenings which include a drinks and dining package,where you can enjoy the entertainment.

Plus, this one lets you bring the rest of the family along too!

Whiskey or Beer Tour

Into whisky? Or does he love to indulge in a pint or two (or three or four?). Delve into the alcohol’s fascinating history by visiting some of the countries finest whisky, vodka or gin distilleries, which give tours that allow various tasting.

The same can be said for various breweries, where different tours will provide a step-by-step tour and tasting experience, allowing you to also get behind-the-scenes access to the distillery.

I wouldn’t mind going on a whiskey one myself, and tasting a selection of whiskies from all around the world!

Remember that memories matter. If you’re stuck for an actual material gift, an experience may potentially be a much more thoughtful option…

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