The Fun and Creative Uses for Dental Floss

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Here’s a fun post this morning! Dental floss is the often-unsung hero of dental hygiene. But then, did you know that it also has tons of other uses, too? It’s an extremely strong and versatile tape that can be used in incredibly creative ways. Read on for some ideas!

Of course, flossing is vital for your teeth, too. Floss your upper teeth in the morning and your lower teeth at night. For more advice on dental hygiene, visit Golsen Dental.

Slicing cake

Cakes that are particularly delicate, or frosted with something sticky, can stick to the knife when sliced – leaving you with a less-than-perfect slice that may need to be scraped or cut away from the knife. Solve the problem with dental floss.

Simply hold the floss tautly over where you’d like to slice and press down, moving the floss side to side as it cuts through. You can use this technique for other soft or sticky foods, too, such as soft cheeses or pâtés.

Hanging pictures and decorations

Dental floss is much, much stronger than it looks. It’s so strong. In fact, it can be used to hang decorative housewares such as lanterns and small plant holders, or to display greeting cards for birthdays and holidays.

Removing stuck rings

Yes, it works! To remove a ring that’s stubbornly stuck on your finger, wrap the entire length of your finger, from the ring all the way to the nail, with dental floss. Make sure it’s good and tight. Then, you can simply slide the ring off over the floss. Easy!

Sewing on a button

If sewing on a button with standard thread just doesn’t seem to work, try dental floss! Floss is just as thin as a cotton thread but significantly stronger, which makes it a perfect choice for securing buttons that resist thread, or buttons on heavy coats or jackets.

Drying out herbs and other foodstuff

If you grow your own herbs, you can dry them out to help them last longer. You can also use dental floss to do it! Hang them somewhere cool. Dry using dental floss and wait. They’ll be ready in no time at all!

Removing stuck cookies

We’ve all been there. The smell of freshly-baked cookies wafting through the kitchen, the tray of hot delicious treats ready to be eaten…only to discover they’re completely stuck to the baking tray. Dental floss can lift stuck cookies without breaking them. Simply slide the floss along the tray under the cookies, and they’ll come loose. You can work the floss from side to side if needed.

DIY clothesline

Dental floss is so strong that you can even use it as a makeshift clothesline! Simply string it up and attach your laundry using a standard clothespin. As long as you don’t overload it, it will hold up just as well as a standard plastic line.

DIY hair tie

Need to tie your hair up? Forget hunting around for an elastic hair tie. Just use dental floss! Tie a small piece of floss into a loop, and put your hair up as usual.

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