Why Make Cold Press Juice Vs Buying Store Bottled Juice

Cold press juices are easy to grab because they are everywhere. Unlike pasteurization that uses heat to extract fruit juices, cold press technology uses a hydraulic press. High pressure is applied when compressing shredded fruits between two plates to extract their juices.

What makes bottled juices in stores different from cold press juices? Continue reading below to find out more about cold press juices versus store-bought bottled juices.

Cold Press Juices Preserve More Nutrients

Cold press juicers extract fruit and veggie juices by crushing and pressing them to gain the highest juice yield possible. The cold-pressing process uses no heat or oxygen. Unlike pasteurization, the nutrients are preserved in cold-pressed juices. Vitamins and minerals remain in their natural state because preservatives are not used to make a cold press juice, unlike bottled juices available in stores.

Cold Press Juices Have Less Fiber Content

Cold press juice leaves the pulp behind due to high-pressure processing. The pulp contains the fibers, which aid in proper digestion. Cold press juices may lack fiber, which is an excellent advantage for people who are working out or are athletes. Before competing, athletes can drink cold press juices to supply the energy, vitamins, and minerals their body needs without feeling bloated or full.

Cold Press Juices Have No Preservatives

Bottled juices in stores have added preservatives, artificial nutrients, or sugar. Using cold press juicers, you can make freshly-squeezed juices and eliminate consuming these preservatives. While preservatives are generally safe, they pose health risks, such as cancer.

Here are the most common preservatives used in store-bought juices:

  • Phosphoric Acid: This is responsible for the tangy taste of fruit juices, which prevents bacterial growth. However, phosphoric acid is not good for your health as it reduces bone density, eats up your teeth, and causes kidney disease.
  • Sodium Benzoate or E211: This preservative is unsafe for human consumption. It can cause high blood pressure, asthma attacks, severe allergic reactions, and kidney disorders. Also, E211 can make children hyperactive.
  • Monosodium Glutamate or MSG: It adds flavor to fruit juices. However, this preservative can overstimulate nerve cells. While food manufacturers already know the ill effects of MSG, this preservative is still widely used, even in bottled fruit juices.
  • Aspartame: High-sugar fruit juices have artificial sweeteners, like aspartame. However, this preservative is associated with muscle spasms, nausea, anxiety, heart problems, and depression.

Cold Press Juices Have a Shorter Shelf Life

Most bottled juices you can buy in stores can be pasteurized or unpasteurized. Pasteurization can help prolong the shelf life of bottled juices. Pasteurized orange juices available in grocery stores last you a long time. On the other hand, cold-pressed juices must be consumed in just a matter of days.

Because of the preservatives present in fruit juices, it is best to consume cold-pressed juices to avoid the ill effects of aspartame, phosphoric acid, and sodium benzoate. You can make fresh cold press juices at home and serve them to your family and friends. Pairing a fresh cold-pressed juice with your favorite summer menu is a good idea.

Cold Press Juices Have Higher Nutritional Value

Cold-press juices have increased nutritional value because they don’t contain artificial flavors. Prepare your own cold press juice recipe to benefit from the higher nutritional value of fruits. Homemade juices are filled with nutrients, with less sugar to help prevent weight gain.

Reap Plenty of Health Benefits with Cold Press Juices

Because cold press juices retain more nutrients, you also benefit from tons of health benefits as compared to store-bought bottled juices. Cold press juices have a natural sugar content that can supply you with the energy you need to do all your daily activities.

Here are some examples:

  • Greater energy
  • Aid in weight loss
  • Healthier cardiovascular system
  • Better nerve function
  • Decrease signs of aging
  • Healthy-looking hair and skin

Cold Press Juices Are More Cost-Effective

Some people might disagree, but cold press juices are more cost-effective than bottled juices you can buy in stores. While the initial cost of a new cold-press juicer can be hard on your pocket, you’ll benefit from the savings unlike wasting your money buying bottled juices every time.

You can save more money and serve more juices for your family at a lower cost than bottled juices. More importantly, you’ll invest in your good health instead of suffer the consequences of consuming preservatives and artificial sweeteners present in store-bought bottled juices.


Cold-pressed juices are healthier than store-bought juices. They former has fewer preservatives and artificial flavors that retain the natural nutrients in fruits and vegetables. While juices are one of the best health drinks, you have to choose the right one, and it’s better to choose cold press juices than buying commercially-prepared bottled juices.

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