Huda Beauty Opens at Selfridges Exchange Square & I Try For The First Time

Here I am – wearing a full face of makeup from a brand I had never used before. I usually like to start my beauty and makeup reviews on here with a ‘Introducing XX brand’ – but I don’t feel like this brand really needs an introduction. I’m just waaaay behind.

Huda Beauty is a cult brand with a massive, diverse following which first came from the social media presence of Huda Kattan.

As the make up brand has continued to grow, Selfridges has become thrilled to announce that this best-selling cosmetics brand has now firmly launched in Selfridges Manchester Exchange.

The beautifully bright, clean and stylish looking counter launched at Selfridges Exchange Square back on the 17th June, in which I headed to the counter once the launch buzz had settled a little towards mid July.

I was super eager to visit. Not just because I adore Selfridges and could get lost in their beauty floor (I’m known to spend endless hours there), but to try a brand I’d not yet tried out. I know I know, it’s 2019 – where have I been?!

I guess I was just sold on many other premium brands that I didn’t feel a need to branch at. Then, when I heard about Huda Beauty coming to Manchester, it made sense for me to finally try it out. And you know – I already knew I would love it.

I knew that Huda Beauty focused on quality foundations and concealers with full coverage, which is exactly what I love. Creamy, long-wearing, glamorous full coverage products – step my way.

When I spent a little time at the counter, the makeup artist gave me a little makeover to try out a selection of the products. I was ready for my Huda style make-over, in which you can see below…

The first thing I noticed after having a full face done and continuing my day afterwards was the extreme wearability. Not only did this face not budge, I was overwhelmed at the choices of shades, right through from the concealer to the shimmery pigment that was patted onto my eyelids.

Pretty much any lady can find a lip colour or eyeshadow palette to suit them – there truly is something for everyone.

I fell in love with the foundations, concealers, setting powder and baking powders straight away. To me, those are key, especially as I suffer form pigmented skin which does sadly rely on quality coverage. However, I was also drawn to the range of colour popping Neon Obsessions palettes, all displayed proudly at the new counter.

Lets have a look at what I thought about a number of products from this game changing brand.

HUDA BEAUTY #FauxFilter Foundation

I now own this foundation in shade Toasted Coconut, after the make up artist colour matched me and this one blended in really well. All the names of the shades just made me hungry to be honest: milkshake, panacotta, macaroon – just drooling.

As mentioned above, it’s the quality and full-coverage factor that sold me. I just use one pump, dip my buffing brush into it and blend gently around my face. This is gonna last one hell of a long time, I can assure you.

The foundation dries to a radiant powder finish, yet it doesn’t look too shiny on places where I have oil, like my T-Zone. Although I did set it with a pretty cool powder, which I’ll go onto next.

Huda Beauty Easy Bake Loose Powder

To me, this is a fabulous setting powder to create that matte look without caking. I feel when used lightly over my face, and more so under my eyes and the tops of my cheeks to create that lightened contoured look (especially once I’ve layered on my bronzer on my cheek bones), I look more refreshed with this powder set in place.

I have shade Banana Bread, so again, another yummy shade name! I use foundation first, then place concealer blended into my under eyes and tops of cheeks, and then flip the jar upside down and tap the base twice to release powder.

I’ll generously apply a layer of powder under the eyes, T-zone, laughter lines, outer corners of the mouth and chin. Then, you just let the powder bake and work its magic for for 3 to 5 minutes. Gently dust away excess powder

This powder instantly absorbs any oil and shine, and sets make-up brilliantly with no flashback when you pose for photos with a flash. They say it provides long-lasting/fade-proof looks for up to 10 hours, which so far, I’d say that is very true. Winner!

The banana bread features golden undertones which are great for brightening and disguising under-eye darkness, helping me create that more bright-eyed look.

Huda Beauty The Overachiever Concealer

In shade Coconut Flakes, which perfectly pairs with the Toasted Coconut foundation, this concealer has now fast become one of my favourites. My god I have the worst under eye bags, even if I have a week of 9 hour sleeps (which lets be honest rarely happens, but I genuinely think my eye bags are just permanent).

However, a tiny amount of this concealer effectively removes any darkness and somehow magically works to de-puff and refresh. I always use a blending brush to dab this into my under eye area and lightly blend out. Each time, I’m always so impressed with the brightening and matte finish.

Honestly, the teeniest bit will go a long way! It’s fantastic. I really can’t use any other words than just say it’s fantastic, it does the job, it is worth every penny of it’s £23 price tag.

I’m keen to start bringing in more Huda Beauty products to my makeup kit now that I’m now officially obsessed with the foundation, concealer and powder.

At least I now know I don’t have to solely rely online if I want to try out any products first, thanks to the shiny new sassy counter at Selfridges Manchester!

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