The Best Staycation Inspiration For All Year Round

Some of my finest memories to date have included going away on those family trips -or adventures with my boyfriend- around the UK. Of course, I’m a sucker for the sun so I love nothing more than jetting off to sunnier shores, but, there’s something so British and homely about planning staycations in this country.

I’ve stayed in some lovely little towns nestled in Lytham, Whitby and The Cotswolds, not to mention The Lake District, and Snowdonia in Wales. For me, as long as I stick to the Summer months to ensure the weather is right for wondering around and exploring, it can be so so lush.

That being said, myself and my boyfriend climbed Snowdon in December last year and stayed over in the pretty little town of Llangollen, which made for a pretty magical wintery break.

If you’re on a budget, or don’t fancy jetting away, there are plenty of UK staycation options to consider. Whether you want to head to the beach fronts, to the countryside, or to a bustling city, you don’t have to leave the UK in order to have a great weekend break (providing the rain holds off, so I’d probably say avoid Manchester!).

Ahead, here’s 5 of my favourite staycation recommendations right here in the UK:

The Cotswolds

The Cotswolds are a short train ride or drive from London, or if coming from the North, you’ll expect around an hour and a half past Birmingham. It’s a stunning area and offers an abundance of countryside experiences.

One of my favourite spots among The Cotswolds is Stratford-upon-Avon, and not just for it’s Shakespeare seeped history. It’s a quaint old town with the cutest independent shops, restaurants and cafes, a beautiful park with access to river boat trips, and has this cute olde-worlde vibe.


For a Northern getaway, add Glasgow to your list. It’s filled with numerous art galleries and museums, and is much loved for it’s rich cultural and creative heritage. Of course, it has a strong, legendary music scene, a landscape of outstanding architecture, beautiful parks breaking up the city, a fantastic culinary scene and not forgetting offering Scotland’s most breathtaking natural landscape – minus any skyscrapers.

There’s a lot to see and do in Glasgow, so it’s ideal to take the opportunity to enjoy a serviced apartment in Glasgow, so you have a perfect base while planning busy days out. There’s a restaurant called Six by Nico which is a must to visit here (but book early as it’s always a popular choice!).

When in Glasgow, you can also venture out to places like Loch Lomond and Troone Beach to give yourself a change of scenery than the Glaswegian city life.


If your idea of a good UK weekend away involves a little history lesson and a trip into the past, book a train journey to York. The city is small enough to feel like a little holiday, but still has all the amenities and bustle of a city.

The Shambles is a unique hotspot for shopping and taking in the cobble lined meandering alleyways lined with quirky boutiques. You’ll also find York is filled with centrally located boutique hotels, apartments, libraries, garden areas, and of course, you can stroll along the city’s Medieval walls or visit the ancient Clifford’s Tower for panoramic views.

If you’re a real foodie and lover of beer, you’ll also adore this place. It’s a solid pub place with classic pubs, and restaurants that offer local, traditional York dishes. A trip full of history, old tales and medieval references.


Brighton tops many peoples list for being a beach option, and of course, if you head on down during the UK Summer, you should be able to soak up the rays as if you’re on a beach abroad!

For those down South, it’s super easily accessible from London and Southern regions. A little further for us Northerners (I think it was a 5 hour drive from Manchester setting off at 5am!) but it’s a hip, cool quirky place which should definitely be on many peoples must-visit list!

The shops and hotels give a nod to artists and creative industries, with most having sea views and being a close stroll to chic bars and shack style cafes. Rememeber that Brighton is best known for its waterfront and beach that stretches for miles, so do make the most of the part of Brighton upon your trip. The pier is like a more ‘hip’ and cool version of Blackpool stripped back from the cheese and replaced with a more rugged, anything-goes feel.

It’s also a shoppers paradise. There’s a great vintage shopping quarter over on North Laine where you can pick up some real classic buys.


The city of Bath is maninly known for its Roman-era baths and local hot springs, which give this place a unique edge over everywhere else in the UK. It’s worth a trip for sure, and makes for a great getaway fro couples wanting a relaxing UK staycation which embraces a massive spa courtesy of the city’s natural thermal waters.

It’s more of a luxury staycation as a lot of the accommodation is more premium, and strategically placed around the amenities of the city, and the up-market bars. In Bath, you’ll never be short of a fancy pants cocktail or two! From the heart of Bath you can explore the city’s history and architecture -be sure to add Bath Abbey and the ruins of the Roman baths onto your exploring list.

Of course, there are so many gorgeous UK staycation places I could recommend, including The Lake District, Whitby and Lytham St. Anne’s as I mentioned at the beginning, but hopefully these 5 listed here give you something to get started with!

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