How to Effectively Run Marketing Campaigns?

To effectively run a marketing campaign, online or offline, you must know the right technique for planning. Marketing is basically a process of putting a plan in the right place to achieve your smart business goals.

I have a background of working within marketing which spans around 9 years, before I took my blog and social media business full time. I spend a lot of time advising my friends with small or large businesses the beauty of nailing down effective marketing, which has led for me to share this blog post today. So if you’re look for a little help in regards to marketing your own business, or reaching a business goal, take a read on…

All businesses need marketing plans

As all businesses will perhaps need to revamp and reassess their marketing plans after the current global situation, it’s a key business area to look at in terms of planning for growth.

When it comes to strategies, you must prepare a few things to effectively run a marketing campaign but the most crucial thing is to learn the difference between effective and ineffective marketing campaigns. The main difference between effective and ineffective marketing campaigns lies within the workflows and the processes involved.     

If you manage to tick all the boxes and appeal to the target customer and target audience, that’s one of the first steps to success. Remember to fully have a vision of who you are targeting and why before you begin to start.

What is a “marketing campaign”?

Marketing campaigns are coordinated and strategised attempts that are made to support a particular objective of the organisation, such as increasing awareness of a new product or collecting input from clients.

They usually seek to reach customers in several ways which include a mix of media, such as email, print ads, radio or T.V advertisement, social media and pay-per-click to name a few, however, are not limited only to these ways.

Marketing campaigns should not involve all of the marketing activities for a brand.  The word “campaign” is described as “a linked set of operations designed to bring about a particular outcome.” It’s worth zoning in on the channels you want to work with, the platforms to use, and have in mind the desired result. This may lead to an event to get press coverage, an online PPC or SEO campaign to drive traffic, or whatever your business goals.

Effective marketing campaigns adopt a common theme and focus on promoting a single goal or an idea. 

What are the types of marketing campaigns? 

A significant part of learning how to effectively run a marketing campaign is understanding what medium to use to achieve your goals. There are two major types of marketing campaigns and each of them fulfills specific objectives.

The goal of each marketing campaign is to boost your brand or the brand of your client, but there is more than one way to achieve that.

1.  Digital Marketing campaigns:

Digital marketing campaigns include almost everything from online ads to social media advertising. As long as you choose the right tools, you can use digital marketing to achieve any goal. Digital marketing campaigns need a detailed strategy for almost everything because you have to generate content quickly.

Remember that in today’s world, most people are scrolling on their phones constantly, so to have a mobile optimised site and activities that span across social is a wise move forward. You’ll find social media marketing fits perfectly into this category.

2.  Offline Marketing campaigns:

Offline marketing refers to any form of marketing that does not include the methods and techniques of digital marketing. Offline marketing uses media platforms that do not require the internet to build and attain conventional marketing targets such as designing promotions and increasing turnover. Such campaigns include advertisements on radio and print, banners, signs and pamphlets, telemarketing, and television advertisement.

Events and press visits can also be classed as offline, however sometimes the results these events drive leads to online ‘noise’ around your brand. Being able to combine both offline and online effectively is a real skill, and a great one to achieve.

What should be the objectives of your marketing campaign?

To effectively run a market campaign you must be clear about the objectives of your marketing campaign. Each brand has it’s own objectives, so remember to always think of your target customer at the heart of any campaign and activities.

There are six primary objectives of a marketing campaign that you must get your head around first to effectively run campaigns.

1.      Focus on increasing sales:

One of your main objectives should be increasing sales. If the campaign seeks to increase sales then basically you are focusing on putting the product before the people. They tend to keep their wallets open where they can.

2.      Create awareness about your brand:

Increasing awareness about the brand is another popular objective about which people talk about. Brand awareness campaigns are perhaps the most effective, although they are hard to quantify. These are the campaigns where you strive to create an emotional bond with your clients. You can create brand awareness among people with the help of customized products. A very good idea would be to distribute customized shirts, caps, jackets, mugs, pens, notebooks, etc.

This way you can build a unique identity of your brand among people. Moreover, you can also go for customized lanyards which will help you a lot to develop a relationship of love with your customers. Consider using 4inlanyards for your customized lanyards which has an experience of 17 years in producing lanyards. You can get high-quality lanyards at an affordable price from 4inlanyards.

3.      Boosting lead generation:

Growing lead generation is very close to stepping up sales. When you want to increase the lead generation, you concentrate on getting people to step into a sales team. This usually includes the development of landing pages and lead magnets.

4.      Focus on decreasing the turnover of customers:

Reducing customer turnover is a common objective, but it is normally under the radar. This is an inbound marketing strategy, where consumer loyalty is the focus. If you focus on diminishing turnover, you try to hold customers coming back.

5.      Promotion of products:

Promoting a product is the ultimate objective. It is typically a brand awareness campaign that focuses on what you offer, not who you are. This can contribute to increased recognition and improvements in revenue.

6.      Growing your digital presence:

The goal of personal branding is to develop a digital presence, where you aspire to become recognized online. This kind of advertisement focuses on either the content or quantity of followers and the metrics of interaction. Usually, it combines with brand recognition.

What are the elements of a marketing campaign?

There are basically six elements of a marketing campaign like objectives and the knowledge about them is necessary to effectively run a market campaign.

1.      Product:

Your product should be worth buying and clear to the target audience.

2.      Audience

Your audience must be identified and focused on your brand. You will set out with a good idea of who you are looking for and why.

3.      Messaging

You should have a straightforward, succinct deal that gets your audience engaged. This message must be consistent across all platforms, with just minor variations to suit.

4.      People

Every tool that you use needs expertise and you need to gather those experts. You do need to be a boss and pick a team that suits you together.

5.      Promotion

Promotion is about making and sharing marketing materials. You should have things to show people and a clear picture of how you’re going to do it.

6.      Analysis

Last but not least you have to analyze all of that. Test your important metrics periodically, and make changes to reach your targets where appropriate.

A great marketing campaign includes all elements, a strong objective, and a clear type. When you launch your marketing campaign, you must know what types of marketing campaigns you should run, what you need to achieve, and how you can put together the six things you need to get it done.

Start preparation and decide which strategies you will need to achieve your objectives once you have the idea.

Set your goals. Visualise the results. Map out the path to get there. Seek external help if needed. Remember, without an effective and organised marketing plan, you’ll struggle to reach the sales and growth goals your business is aiming for.  

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