Getting a Good Nights Sleep During Lockdown

As someone who used to work from home 2/3 days a week, you’d think I’d have perfected the art of being in an at-home mindset, and a sleeping pattern which is natural and healthy.

But somehow, over the past month or so, my sleeping routines have been massively up the wall. Thanks to the horrendous pandemic which now has everyone staying at home, I’m being majorly shown up when it comes to many things sleep and ‘at-home’ related. My dreams are vivid, my falling to sleep time is getting later and later, and you guys out there sure know how to show me up when it comes to pulling off stylish loungewear!

The whole ‘life at home’ aspect has seen loungewear become much more sophisticated and tailored to different fashion tastes, there‚Äôs now an array of luxe-details and all sorts popping up. You can literally take your lazy sofa wear straight through to a smarter supper wear instantly. I think I spent the first two weeks in an oversized dressing gown, before getting my backside into gear and wearing some slightly smarter loungewear sets (see pictured).

I don’t if it’s the whole ‘being stuck in the house’ and not having a fine line between work and home, outdoors and indoors, that has played havoc with my sleep. But either way, It’s led me to spend a lot of time lately researching how to ensure my sleep patterns aren’t as interrupted as they have been.

I can’t guarantee the tips below will help you take some serious life-at-home inspo yourself during lockdown. But when it comes to getting into a routine, taking care of yourself, and thinking about your sleep and loungewear, hopefully they can at least provide a little food for thought…

Mix up the textures

Although we’re embracing the Spring season, the weather is up and down. Some nights are warm, some days it’s freezing cold in the house – it’s a little unpredictable. Don’t let this get in the way of your lounge wear and bed wear! There is nothing that screams cozy-chic louder than a combination of silk and wool.

The key is to make sure what you wear during the day – i.e, loungewear – is different to that of your pj’s and bed clothing. If you combine the two, it’s crazy what it can do to your mind. Your mind will start to associate your pjs as ‘working wear’, and loungewear as pj’s, and so on…. like, imagine how crazy that could be!

Think about how you can mix and match your fabrics and textures, yet differentiate between loungewear and bed wear. Perhaps a cosy wool long sleeve top paired with satin/silk shorts could be ideal for a cosy night in your bed, ready to send you to sleep?

You could leave the thick cotton bottoms with a silky cami top for the Spring days in the home, especially if you wanted to nip out in the garden!

There is something about a rich textural contrast between cool-to-touch silky bottoms and chunky, slouchy knit tops that make loungewear and bed wear a little more exciting!

Up your PJ game

If you thought the whole silk pajama thing was a passing trend, think again. This Spring season sees a whole new wave of pretty little silky sets hitting the stores, each coming in an array of vibrant colours and prints. Let’s face it, when we’re staying in the house pretty much all day all night, we need something to get excited about, and perhaps beautiful bed wear is the way forward?

Staying at home means we can plan couples movie nights or fancy family dinners without leaving the home, whether that means rounding up those in your home, or bringing out the Zoom video chats. Just make sure to only put your sleepwear on after any night-in events!

You’ll find that with comfortable ladies nightwear you’re sure to get a good nights sleep in. Make sure you choose pj’s you don’t wear for anything else other than to sleep in, and your mind will get in the slumber habit.

Try journaling

It’s honestly talked about everywhere so I’m aware this is absolutely nothing new, but writing down your thoughts, worries, things to be grateful for and literally just anything on your mind before bed is a brilliant way to get quality shut eye.

I’m a real sensitive soul, so you’ll find me worrying about the little things even when I’m tucked up in my bed. There is something quite nice about putting all thoughts down on paper before going to sleep to allow your mind to accept that you don’t need to worry about things write right – they will be there in the morning waiting for you.

The same with all your positive gratitude notes. Sometimes just seeing these listed on paper before drifting off to sleep can ensure you’ll have the most peaceful sleep possible.

Ensure your bedroom is for sleeping only

When I had my old house, there were many mornings I would sleep with my laptop at the side of my bed, and wake up in the morning and jump straight back on it. Come the evening, I’d more often than none sit in my bed and spend an hour or two browsing social media sites and what not…

There was no fine line between using my room to go to sleep, and doing my work/social media/whatever it was I doing. That being said, all my beauty product and makeup were in my bedroom so I’d spend all my time getting ready in there, getting unready, and everything in between! No wonder it was so impossible to drift off at night.

If you can – because not everyone has the space or capacity – try to only use your bedroom as a place to wind down, read and sleep. It helps your mind get used to the habit, and thus, should send you into the land of nod much quicker.

Have I missed out any important tips? Feel free to let me know any other killer sleeping and relaxing tips you’ve found to work!

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