The Best Makeup Essentials To Bring for Travelling

Whether you tend to go on long haul or short haul trips, people who are travelling frequently should ideally always travel with their own make-up. I’ve heard many people discuss booking into salons or going on makeup shopping trips when abroad, especially to avoid the hassle of bringing it in hand luggage only flight. But honestly – this is a ridiculously expensive habit! And it can cause so much unwanted stress if you can’t find what you need.

There are lots of us travel lovers who are beauty conscious; people like us always get stressed thinking about our beauty regimes and routines when we’re away, which may be a big hit on us if we travel without our own makeup kits.

Remember, makeup lovers, it is quite inevitable that you won’t be able to get the right make up a solution when in foreign lands. Stores aren’t always the same, ranges aren’t always carried out globally, and finding your exact shade is a total risk. Not to mention, prices may tend to be higher.

Plus, who wants to go makeup shopping on holiday? Unless the city has the worlds largest Sephora store and is running a half price sale, then not I!

So, the dilemma seems to be, which products should we be bringing with us when we travel, regardless or hand luggage travelling (due to limited sizes)?

Here’s a list of 5 travel friendly makeup products and skincare essentials you can get here in the UK, and take with you while you are traveling to another country.

Makeup Remover

Makeup remover is the underdog in the skincare world. It’s an easy one to forget to pack, but it’s important to use if you’re wearing makeup. Plus, there’s a lot of ‘noise’ in the beauty industry about reducing using face wipes, which people tend to bring on travels for ease.

Try to avoid makeup wipes if you can, as they aren’t the kindest to the skin and plus, are terrible for the environment. If you do, look for biodegradable wipes. Rituals Cosmetics do a lovely version of these that also moisturise the skin.

The best makeup remove to bring is a travel size Micellar water, either by Nivea or Garnier, two affordable and effective brands.


It’s essential to bring a high quality moisturiser with you, and you’ll potentially need it on the flight with you (cabin air is extremely drying!). If you’re going to sunnier shores, you’ll also benefit from a rich moisturiser for attending to dry, sun parched skin.

With cabin pressure, recycled air and a lack of oxygen inside the artificial aeroplane environment, and warmer temperatures, there can be havoc with your skin when travelling. I always find that I experience intense dehydration, increased sensitivity, a lack of radiance – and of course- the dreaded breakouts!

Look for soothing moisturisers with natural properties and ingredients added, like ginger root, lavendar, tea tree or copper salts, which work like a shield to stop environmental aggressors from ravaging your complexion.

You want to be looking out for the words ‘intense hydration’ and ‘SPF’ if possible. For texture, look for thick, velvety and luxurious – but totally not suffocating.


As mentioned before, if your moisturiser can have an SPF in, it’s beneficial and means it’s double acting. However, you will still need an SPF on it’s own, and ideally to apply this last (unless you put foundation over the top).

Always shop for sunscreen in your own country first, or at Duty Free at the airports. It can be quite expensive in some of the places.

In order to properly apply sunscreen, make sure that you have the best travel makeup mirror with you. You might want to apply to your face, let it settle in, and apply powder or concealer over the top.


Lightweight foundation is best for going on holiday and taking trips, but if you need more coverage to hide imperfections, perhaps look at a full coverage concealer and foundation in one, just to prevent you carrying lots of liquid products. However, the more mineral ingriendients it has, the better. When you sweat on holiday, the last thing you want is it to get trapped under heavy layers of foundation, encouraging breakouts.

That being said, both powder and liquid bases are suitable in the heat – the best thing to do is check what works best with your own skin type. Perhaps a lightweight liquid base with a finishing powder will work for you, if you have normal to dry skin.

I personally can’t travel with a mattifying powder foundation which keeps shine at bay whilst still evening out the skin tone.

Peach Blusher

Blush is one of my most favorite makeup products. Peachsi also the most universal shade and tone – it goes on lovely if you’re pale or dark skinned, adding that innocent glow.

Try to choose a small powder blush in a fresh peach shade, which will suit your skin tone in the UK, and then also when you start to catch a sun tan the end of your trip. Peach hues give a youthful look and that fresh faced, natural glam finish.

Remember to ideally seek a roomy, see-through cosmetics bag on your travels, or one that lets you hang it up behind doors. You want to be able to locate products quickly, and the option of hanging up your beauty bags on the back of doors or on various hooks is a bonus. You don’t always know the state of the sinks/side boards when you get there!

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