How To Manage Adult Acne When Nothing Really Works

Well, it’s a Monday morning and I have a tonne of work to get through. But, I seem to have acne on my mind while sat here with a mug of green tea and bowl of cereal, so I decided to type this article out to see if I can then get on with my day. Clear mind and all.

Basically, I have green tea and cereal with soya milk every morning and I realised that I do this because I feel I should be doing. Green tea is meant to be a great antioxident which is effective for skin health, and I’m too scared to turn back to dairy at the risk it will aggravate my acne any further. So soya milk it is. And vegan cheese when I have cheese cravings.

Just a note: this blog post isn’t sponsored or associated with any brands I’m an ambassador for. I’m using a lot of photos here in this blog holding oils and hydrators from a brand called Bedizen London, but that’s purely because I’m turning to Rosehip Seed Oil to try and fade some serious scars at the moment, and this is the brand I’m using. So I went photo happy (I am currently using this brand at the moment after working with them on Instagram, which you can see here, but this is a general acne article, not a product review!).

The thing I want to share in this blog post is that sometimes, you just can’t get rid of acne. I don’t want that to sound negative and depressing (which I know it does, so bear with me), but I’m trying to be realistic, and you know, just more blunt about it. I suffered badly with acne from turning 15 (maybe started a little earlier), and I always felt OK as I had visions of it clearing up when I got into my mid twenties.

But it didn’t, and I’m 33 with constant acne popping up, which is a little crappy. I’ve been on some fabulous ‘cover ups’ over the years, like Dianette and Yasmin contraception pills. The reason I call them cover ups is because that’s merely what they do for me: they cover up the problem by easing my acne, giving me a life of clear skin (clear-ish, I was never 100% clear).

However, as soon as I came off both pills, acne always returned. And since then I’ve followed diary and sugar free diets to try to help, along with having laser and all kinds of skincare treatments and procedures. And still, I sit here breaking out with jaw and cheek spots at the age of 33. *Sigh*

The one thing I never took was Roaccutane, due to it’s harsh side effects and the hope something else would get rid of it. Perhaps it would have freed me from the dreaded life of acne, or perhaps it would have always returned?

I’ve just found out that I have PCOS, which is a little bit rubbish, in that I’ll probably suffer from acne as long as I have it. Although I’m sure there are ways I can manage it myself a little easier, which I’ll now be dedicating some time to finding out. If you’ve had acne since being a teen and now have it still just as bad in your late twenties or thirties, I’d highly recommend getting your ovaries scanned. It could just be that PCOS is causing your breakouts, too.

So, sadly, I don’t really have any answers in this blog post, but it’s more about letting you know that if you still have acne after years and years and years, it’s OK – it’s not abnormal. Other people do too, like me (helloooooo!) and sometimes, a ‘cure’ can work for 6 months or so, and just enjoy it while it lasts, as somethings become ineffective after that period.

If you do have acne in your adult years and it’s not going…

…the only thing you can try to control is keeping your scars and marks at bay. Microneedling is great for rejuvenating the skin and reducing any stubborn marks and scars, I’ve had it done lots and will continue to do so. The same can be said for skin peels – brilliant treatments if you have dull, sluggish looking skin due to constant breakouts. Lactic acid and Glycolic acid are fab for ridding away the marks. You can also get salicylic acid peels which reduce active acne – for a while anyway!

The skincare you use at home is important when you can’t fight your acne, because although it may not be able to rid you from it (when acne is internal), quality skincare can reduce it and help the rest of your skin look healthy and glowing. Oils combat oil, so if you’re an oily skin acne sufferer, don’t be afraid to use these for hydration and fading marks.

As said above, rosehip seed oil is one of the best natural products for fading marks and scarring, without causing further problems with breakouts.

Glycolic acid toners – like PIXI Glow Tonic and various other similar ones (Nip & Fab glycolic fix pads and the current ‘copy’ ones from ALDI I’m using) – are also great to use for maintenaince.

If diet helps to keep your acne under control, then that’s great news and you should try to follow what works as much as possible. A salicylic acid cleanser will help with the large, cystic breakouts too, so don’t be scared of these in fear of ‘drying’ out the skin. There are some super gentle ones now as formulas are so advanced.

So there we go. I’m sorry I don’t have any cures or further help, but I’ve written many articles on here about methods, diets, products and treatments which I thought had kicked acne in the butt. But they always had a 6-12month success period, and here I am today at 33 celebrating 17 years of acne.

I’m not loosing hope. Perhaps because I have PCOS I’ll always have it and it may be when I face menopause that I eventually stop getting pesky break outs. Who knows, but either way, I’ll always be documenting my journey!

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