My Microneedling Experience With My Skin Story

Most of you know that skin, acne and scarring is a big part of my life. I could talk about skin all day everyday, as I’ve battled with acne since being 14/15. Over the years I’ve had good spells, bad spells, and for the majority, really really bad spells.

Currently it’s OK-ish. I decided to come off the Microgynon pill a few months back due to being worried about having the pill in my system all my growing up life, so I have got the occasional break out and hormonal acne coming back around my cheeks and jaw.

I mean, Yasmin and Dianette contraception pills were a miracle for my skin when I first went on them. In fact, I know they are both ‘bad pills’ because they are so hardcore for your body, but I would recommend going on them to help clear up acne, but only for the short term. They risks associated with them make me feel like I can’t properly recommend them to everyone.

So right now, I’m on no medication or skin supplements. Just a daily multivitamin and a not-so-great diet but I do try and eat healthy when I can. I’m just a sucker for sugar and carbs. I do try to limit my dairy intake too, although I’ll admit I used to be much better than I currently am.

My main problem is scarring and marks. I have a fair few scattered around my cheeks and temples from years of acne, and I’ve tried lots of treatments such as dermarolling and laser.

It’s the deramroller topic which brings me to share my review of mironeedling with My Skin Story – a loverly lady called Ella who completely understands everything about suffering from acne.

I was booked in to see her at her My Skin Story clinic situated at The Gatsby Salon in Monton. We started off having an in-depth chat about my skin, filling out consultation forms and going over all the history of my skin troubles to where I am at today. Ella gave a skin a full ‘inspection’ so to say (can’t think of a better word!) before deciding that microneedling would be the best option.

As dermaroller can drag and tear the skin slightly due to the motion, microneedling is something I really wanted to try as it works as more of a ‘stamping’ technique. This way, the needles pierce the skin directly downwards, making the small trauma without dragging.

Then, once the trauma has been caused, the natural collagen repair mechanism kicks into action, repairing the skin and slowly regenerating to create newer, fresher, and plumper top layers.

As you can see from the photos, I’m having a bit of a nightmare on one cheek at the moment. Ella was careful not to aggregrevate any of the active acne, although she did advise microneedling into any stubborn, large cysts can actualyl help them calm down and heal quicker.

The microneedling process took around 20 minutes, Ella started on my forehead (which has quite heavy pigmentation, in which microneedling helps to fade), using a slightly lower needle. Then, she began on my face, focusing more on the cheeks and temples which have the more prominent acne scarring, using a slightly deeper needle depth.

The best bit? It doesn’t hurt! It can feel a little ‘prickly’ and tender in the areas where skin is thinner (around the nose and mouth), but overall it’s fairly comfortable!

After the session, Ella applied a soothing mask, followed my moisturisers and SPF protection products – my skin is much more vulnerable to UV rays after this treatment, so I made sure to apply an SPF treatment for the days that followed.

So how did I find it?

Firstly, I was slightly pink afterwards but definitley nothing shocking. You can easily have this done on your lunch break if you’re not too bothered about wearing no make up to work! My skin stayed pink for around 2-3 hours before fading and looking very glowy and fresh.

I would say it was on the 4th or 5th day where I started to really see the results. I felt like my complexion was brighter and clearer, more ‘unclogged’ and renewed, if that makes sense. Obviously, microneedling works bets if you book in for a course of 3 or 6 treatments, so I would need prolonged sessions to start seeing those pesky acne scars hugely faded.

And as I’m getting married in 18 months, I think now is a good time to embark on a course! I’m now trying to save up for I can book in for a course of 6 treatments so that my skin is much visibly smoother, with less obvious scarring, in time for my wedding. I’m so self conscious about my skin, I just can’t face having that worry on my wedding day…

Ella is a fantastic skin therapist, who really knows her stuff. I genuinely felt much better having my appointment with her knowing she understands the pain and trauma acne and skin issues can cause. Some therapists and skincare experts over the year haven’t shown an obvious interest or understanding in the physical or emotional pain that acne and scarring can cause, so it was totally refreshing to spend time with Ella.

I’m so keen to come back! Thank you so much Ella. You can learn more about Ella and My Skin Story here over on Instagram.

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