Business Ideas: The Most Delicious and Profitable Baked Goods to Sell

Everyone loves delicious food for thought to indulge in, and baked goods are the ultimate sweet treat. If you enjoy baking, you should consider turning your passion into profit. After all, the food industry is booming, and I for one spend the majority of my money on food (especially grab-and-go style food).

There’s no better time than now to start that baking business you’ve always wanted. All you’ll need is a business plan, some retail baking equipment, and your dedication to your craft. If you need some ideas on where to start, the following are the best-selling baked goods that you can offer in your bakery business.

Banana muffins

Banana muffins are moist, soft, sweet and slightly spiced muffins made from mashed bananas. These muffins are easy to prepare and only take 35 minutes. You can make them healthier by adding oats and lessening the sugar. You can also make them sweeter and more flavorful by adding chocolate chip cookies into the mix or on top of the muffins.

Chocolate chip cookies

Chocolate chip cookies originated in the United States in 1930 by Ruth Graves Wakefield. They have since become one of the most popular desserts around the globe. There are lots of ways to play around with the traditional recipe, such as swapping chocolate chips out for fruits and nuts. However you want to make your cookies, it’s guaranteed to be a hit.

Chocolate brownie

A chocolate brownie is a chocolate baked treat that comes in the form of a square or rectangle. Depending on their density, they can either be fudgy or cakey. You can spice up a plain old brownie by topping it with nuts, cream cheese, frosting, or any other ingredients.


A blondie is basically a brownie, except its recipe swaps out chocolate for vanilla. They’re just as good as brownies, but they have their own signature rich caramel and buttery flavor that sets them apart from brownies.

Lemon bar

Lemon bars are tart and zesty treat made out of sugar, flour, eggs, lemon zest, and lemon juice. It also has a rich buttery crust. These tangy delights make a great picnic dessert on a warm summer day.

Rainbow cake

Rainbow cakes are just as delicious as they are beautiful. They may look difficult to make, but they’re actually not. These colorful cakes aregreat to give as gifts or as a stunning centerpiece at a birthday party.

Red velvet cupcake

Red velvet cupcakes are moist and soft red cupcakes topped with cream cheese frosting. The red color comes from using vinegar in older recipes which reacted with the chocolate to create a red color. These days, the red color is due to food coloring. Its flavor is based primarily on chocolate, buttermilk, and cream cheese.

Apple pie

Apple pie is an all-American dessert staple. It’s a pie that is filled with tart, lightly spiced apple. It’s often topped with whipped cream, ice cream, or in some cases, cheddar cheese. Apple pie is a warm, cozy treat perfect for every occasion.

Raspberry tart

Tarts are an open pastry case that contains a rich filling within it. The filling may be sweet or savory, but most tarts these days are fruit-based and accompanied with a sweet custard. Raspberry tarts are one of the most popular fruit-based variations of these delicious treats.

These are some simple recipes for baked goods that you can sell in your bakery. You can choose to specialize in just one of them or sell them all in your bakery. Regardless of what you choose, they’re all guaranteed to be a hit with your potential customers.

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