The Additions To Flowers That Give That Unique Touch

As breathtaking as an abundance of beautiful fresh bloom may look, they don’t have to just sit on their own. Think about all the occasions we use flowers and appreciate them: in wedding photos, parties, for sympathy, for congratulations, inside stunning cafe and restaurants – so many uses.

Flowers are a luxury item and don’t come cheap, so it’s worth thinking about how you can elaborate the arrangements to make them much more than a standard arrangement of florals.

If you ask a professional florist to come along to your event or occasion and jazz them up, it may require extensive labour and costs. So you;re best sticking to ordering what you feel makes beautiful wedding, party or funeral flowers, and then learning what you can do to make them look that little bit extra.

The first step is to choose your flowers, which you’ll usually do by focusing in on flower type, bouquet/bunch size, colour and scent. Then, look at what else can be added…

Silk & Paper Flowers

Give your bouquets or arrangements that pastel, pretty touch by adorning the flowers with delicate silk and paper flowers. These work well in bouquets and with any floral wall decor, like floral walls you see at events. You can choose single stems and garlands that can be added as you like.

If you’re planning a wedding and it’s too pricey to have a full overhead hanging installation with fresh flowers, it can also be exciting to add silk faux flowers in addition. Interestingly, when coated in beeswax, silk flowers become food-safe, making them great accents to cakes. For both silk and paper flowers, there are many DIY resources available.


Overall, greenery is typically be less expensive than flowers, but when on it’s own can look a little lost. It tends to need a pop of colour to it, which is why it is ideal to use greenery with flowers.

The budget-conscious brides or those organising other events should incorporate it whenever possible to reduce the cost of a large, fresh flower bouquet or arrangement. The ones that are huge right now are Eucalyptus and ferns, which look stunning in bouquets or as table garlands at a wedding reception. They also look rustic when added into bridal bouquets along with faux pampas and rustic coloured flowers.

For room decor, a combination of both large and small pillar candles alongside greenery will add that styled feel to any room.


This is slightly more unusual, but something that has become big during times like Christmas and anything festive related – especially wintery occasions. For weddings, parties, events etc, you can make any centerpieces or focus points resemble an uber-stylish Farmer’s Market haul by combining deep coloured blooms with an array of oranges, lemons, plums, pomegranates, grapes, pears, or even pumpkins.

You could add incense sticks and candles whichburn in a scent similar to the fruits, to really create a unique ambiance. Some of the fresh flowers that would work really well with fruits includes roses, olive leaves, carnations, and lilies). If you were to do this in the Spring, Sunflowers could look amazing next to scattered lemon slices!

For the Winter season, a more extravagant approach could be to utilise vegetable-centric centerpieces which can include cabbage, carrots, and artichokes.

Remember that a skilled florist will be able to help you find any extras that can really jazz up your florals. Have a budget in mind and think about the proportion of real flowers you want, in addition to any faux flowers, silk, paper, fruit or decorations which can add to the display. Greenery is becoming a real popular one to keep costs down yet still give that stunning appearance.

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