6 Reasons Estate Agents Can Sell Your Home Quicker

Firstly, before you start to look at the option of using an estate agent to sell your home, one question needs to be asked: what exactly does an estate agent even do?

For those who don’t know already, estate agents value your property and then list it on the market. They work out the right price and make it their job to get a sale for you. Seems simple, right?

There’s more to it than you may think, as they are challenged to be able to get a quicker sale for homeowners that if you went without one.

If you’re looking at taking on an estate agent to help sell your home fast, here are 6 ways in which they can do this:

1.Adding a premium feature on Rightmove and Zoopla to give more exposure

Adding a premium feature to either of these sights puts your property out there so more people see it in a shorter amount of time. This is incredibly helpful, as it means there is more demand for your property, allowing you to take the highest offer.

Estate agents will ALWAYS give quick house sale advice to their listed house sellers, and so you don’t need to worry if you feel like you are going for a bad deal, as they will help you out. Without this exposure, you and your estate agents would be sitting like ducks for months, waiting for someone to stumble upon your property.

2. Upload videos/slideshows

Home buyers always want to see inside of the property before buying it. It would be a little strange if they didn’t want to. Taking photos from every angle and putting them together/making a video tour of your house is a great way for new homeowners to see it and get a feel for your house, and it is what leads them on to wanting to visit and then onto buying. Most of the time, real estate agents will provide this.

3. Give 3D visual walkthroughs

A little like the video/photo slideshow, 3d walkthrough tours are very helpful as it makes the home buyers feel more at home than a photo can. It is a little more expensive to do, however it is very much worth it.

Many people only want to look at houses on Rightmove and Zoopla if they have a 3D visual walkthrough and/or a photo slideshow/video. That is why it important to have one. Sometimes real estate agents provide it for you, but its more likely that you will have to pay extra for it.

4. They know the market area

All estate agents should know the area of one of their listed properties inside and out, as it is a major idea to new house buyers, with questions like: “Is the neighbourhood safe for kids?” or “What is the town like?” etc. All real estate agents research the market area before listing the property, to make sure it will sell to all kinds of house buyers. They should know what to promote to certain keen buyers.

5. Good connections with investors

Most, if not all, estate agents have great connections with investors. They have a giant list of people that want to buy a house, and whenever they put one on the market, they try to list it more towards them. The longer the estate agents have been running, the longer their email newsletter list should be – full of people interested in home sales.

This allows the safe knowledge that someone from that list will potentially be interesting in buying your home. It also decreases the amount of wasted time waiting for people to find your home on accident on Rightmove or Zoopla. From there, they also may just waste more of your time by wanting to look around 5 times and then not wanting to purchase your house in the end anyways.

6. Have access to multiple marketing tactics

Some estate agents are social media whizzes, and some are not. It isn’t the end of the world if your estate agent isn’t good at social media as there are other methods, but it helps if the estate agency has an engaged social media presence, and can upload your home onto their pages for the right people to see.

Some other examples of their strengths include:

  • The good old-fashioned way: listing your house in the newspaper and other media
  • Some may consider flyers or e-mail outs
  • Just telling people about it. It’s surprising the circles they have!

However, most estate agents are great at social media because they have had to move to the online house market, and know exactly when and where to list your property. They may use things like Rightmove or Zoopla or some other application to sell your house fast, as they can link it from their website and others to create a web of backlinks to their site, which leads them to your property.

Overall, estate agents are great at what they do. They sell houses very fast for cash using multiple tactics, some of which may not even be in this list. If you are worrying about your estate agent or need to know any information about their roles and what they can and can’t do, the government provides easy access information about it all.

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