6 Reasons Why Manchester is Better For Home Buyers Than London

The North vs South battle is nothing new. For years and years, Northerners have preached the fact that living up North is ten times better than in London. While the capital is great for a weekend away or a day out, the majority of Northerner’s hearts tend to lie with their hometown.

One of the North’s biggest cities, Manchester, is filled with amazing opportunities, things to do, and is just an all-around amazing place to live. I personally adore the place because it’s literally ideal for those in the creative industries, with so many fabulous shops, markets, museums, galleries, parks, bars and restaurants for inspiration, but I guess that’s just in my own humble opinion!

I’m born and bred here, so obviously I may be a little biased. But, in case you need convincing, here are six reasons why Manchester is better than London for buying or renting a home….

Everything is more affordable

Manchester is a lot more affordable than London. Everything from renting a flat, buying a house, or even getting a glass of wine is cheaper in Manchester.

The difference is pretty drastic when you compare the average price of a house in each city. In London, you’d expect to pay around £484,173 for a house, while Manchester has an average house price of £173,381. Lots of property companies recognise the potential of Manchester compared to London, choosing this city for a number of their developments.

You’ll also find that because house prices are reasonable around Manchester, people who have saved deposits and are in financially stable situations tend to buy a home to rent out, making it a business for themselves. They just have to make sure they have appropriate landlord insurance and that the rent they receive can cover their mortgage to make it quite a lucrative idea.

Manchester is constantly growing, with more people looking to rent in and around the city, and this doesn’t look to change any time soon. If you’re looking for an ideal city to attract renters, which doesn’t cost you a ridiculous amount for a property, Manchester wins.

The nightlife is booming

From the Warehouse Project to the Northern Quarter, the nightlife in Manchester has something for everyone. Manchester is filled with so many amazing bars, nightclubs, and eateries, offering a fun night out every day of the week. Whether you’re seeking a cosy cocktail or want a big night out, you won’t be short of choice.

The city is famous for its ‘secret bars’, hidden away under the guise of convenience stores, pawn shops and laundrettes. Manchester also boasts an impressive LGBT scene, with Canal Street’s ‘Gay Village’ being home to a whole host of popular nightlife spots. With many bars and clubs staying open till the early hours, you can also expect your night to go on much longer than if you were in the capital.

Plus, you don’t have to jump on tubes to get to all the different parts of the city.

The people are ‘friendlier

OK so this isn’t a given, but it’s a well-known joke that Northerners are the friendliest people you’ll ever meet. Unlike in London where small talk on the tube is likely to get you some strange looks, people in Manchester are a lot chattier, friendlier and generally more polite.

If you want to live in a world where bus drivers get thanked, smiles are frequent, and people are more than happy to help a struggling stranger, you should move to Manchester. After all, there’s only so much pushing and shoving down Oxford Street that one person can take.

The universities are amazing

And there are loads of them, too! The student population in Manchester is huge, and it’s easy to see why.

Manchester is filled with amazing institutions like the University of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University, the University of Salford, and more. Whatever you want to study, you’re bound to find the perfect course for you. Then once you’ve graduated, you won’t want to leave! Manchester has one of the highest graduate retention rates in the UK thanks to its wide range of business opportunities.

Spots like MediaCityUK are home to some big businesses like the BBC, ITV, and more. There’s also a great startup culture in this city, along with a mixture of small and large businesses in every industry from fashion to tech.

The music and culture scene is huge

The birthplace of huge acts like the Smiths, Joy Division, the Stone Roses, Oasis and more, Manchester has a thriving music scene. A number of musical venues showcase new and established artists each week, while festivals like Parklife gather some of the biggest names in music today.

If you like a spot of culture, head down to one of the many art galleries and museums in the city, regularly housing an eclectic mix of exhibitions.

It’s close to other UK cities

In the words of Noel Gallagher — “Manchester’s got everything except a beach.” Be that as it may, it doesn’t mean we can’t travel to one! So many fantastic cities like Liverpool and Leeds are just a short train ride away from Manchester, meaning locals can simply hop a train to Merseyside’s sand dunes and sea fronts if they fancy.

This makes it super easy for people to commute between cities too, with a lot of Scousers and Mancunians travelling between each city for work.

Fancy one one extra tip?…

Self storage is cheap

Just like many other products and services in the city, self storage in Manchester is much cheaper than London. If you’ve have a lot of stuff and would need the extra space that a storage unit would provide, then it’s a no brainer!Because storage units are affordable, you wouldn’t have to worry about damaging your special mementos and your seasonal clothing by storing them in a tiny storage closet in your home!”

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