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It’s a new season, and I don’t know about you, but there’s something I quite enjoy about the Autumn-going-into-Winter-season when it comes to fashion. Layering up, dark colours, thicker fabrics…

This time around it’s a little different for me, as I have a little bump I’m carrying around as I’m 6 months pregnant! It’s kinda made it hard to wear anything with a waistband, unless it’s super stretchy, like the skirt in the above and below photos. However, as my body has been growing, I’m very much embracing actually having boobs for once in my life, so I’ve styled up some fitted, shapely corset style tops in today’s post.

When I say ‘corset’, I don’t mean the fancy style corsets which are similar to underwear, and are reminiscent of the shapely glamour figures from older era’s. I mean tops which have corset support and styling inside them, more like structured fits. You can get some corset tops that look just like long sleeved figure hugging tops, like the black and pink one’s I share in this post that are from Katch Me – a trend led online fashion retailer.

I’ve had the stretchy bodycon skirt above in my wardrobe for a while now, I think it’s a Primark special that was about £7! I just never really knew what to pair it with, but when pregnancy came along, I decided it was a great addition to enhance a growing bump, along with a fitted top. Here, I’ve teamed it up with the Sand Plunge Ribbed Puff Shoulder Bodysuit from Katch Me, in which I adore the slightly puffy, pointy sleeve detail going on.

You can find this top from the bodysuits range over at Katch Me. I’ll admit, the more I’m growing the more of a struggle it is to get the fastening section to fasten – I probably only have another month left of being able to wear this top properly!

As for my next structured top, the below is a simple black everyday ribbed style top, which goes beautifully with a flowing midi skirt or a pair of culottes (I love wearing culottes!).

I found this simple everyday classic when searching under the corset tops pages, and picked out a pink one too which I thought was super lovely. I don’t usually wear pink, but something about this baby pink colour version just looked really cute. Maybe I’m in ‘baby girl’ mindset constantly with becoming a baby girl mum soon – who knows!

As soon as the baby is here and I don’t have to avoid tight waistbands, I’m going to do a huge overhaul with all the ‘bottoms’ I have in my wardrobe. I’m an absolute sucker for PU trousers – I adore them in black or tan/brown as they really dress up a sweater or jumper. I just literally couldn’t face squeezing into those button and zip waistbands, and tighter legs right now. But come February next year…

It’s been a while since I jumped on here and shared some fashion photos, as I usually share all my outfits on Instagram everyday, which you can also see at my Instagram page here. More outfit posts coming to the blog from now on though, I promise!

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