Beauty Christmas Gift Ideas: Ted Baker Opulent Crush

I stick by saying that gifting beauty and wellness products for Christmas is always a good shout. I mean, they are something we prefer to be gifted than having to buy for ourselves, and when the right brand and quality products are chosen, they can really make us smile.

This Christmas, for Christmas 2020 which of course will be a little different than any other Christmas we’ve experienced before (yep, I;m hinting at the pandemic again!), I’m once again putting some of my favourite beauty brand and gifting ideas together for a mini gift guide. And what better brand to kick it off today than Ted Baker?

I’ve always been a bit of a packaging ‘snob’, but I do like to think that with any gift, it’s important to consider the appearance of it and how the giftee will feel when they unwrap and it and admire the beauty gift. Ted Baker’s bath and body collection, named Harmony Blossom, is a range you can find at Boots stores, yet it looks like a range you would find in even more premium stores, too.

There are four collections in total, each with their own unique fragrance and packaging colours. The inspiration comes from Ted’s country garden too, which is a really nice and unique theme to create a body and beauty range from.

The Harmony Blossom range spans from Peony Spritz (pink), Floral Bliss (white). Midnight Bloom (navy) and the one I’m sharing today, Opulent Crush (grey). The first two are more fruity, light fragranced collection. The Midnight Bloom is a deeper, stronger scent, and the Opulent Crush a floral Chypre fragrance.

The Opulent Crush scent is a refreshing, lightly floral yet sophisticated scent and I personally feel it’s ideal for the Autumn Winter season, when you want something a little deeper than those lightweight, spritzy fruity ranges. Plus, and I know I keep saying it, but the packaging is potentially my favourite of all the ranges, as it’s clean matte grey and metallic rose gold detailing is just beautiful!

The body spray is my favourite item from this collection, but it’s nice to pair the body spray with the body balm, in-shower lotion and body wash to make up a luxury range. Immediately the body spray gives off warm and musky notes, with hints of amber and vanilla. When the body lotion is applied first, I feel it intensifies the scent, layering up the fragrance and delivering a stronger fragrance which is lvoely for when you get out of the shower, lather yourself in the lotion and then finish with a misting of the spray. !

The collection as a whole is what I would say appears super luxe and beautiful, yet affordable, which is a fab combination when it comes to gifting for mum’s, sisters, friends or colleagues.

The body spray remains firmly in my handbag now for every day spritzing, and the other 3 products live in my bathroom for that indulgent shower experience. Plus, my bathroom is a fresh matte grey colour, so these look like they were designed to go alongside it!

You can purchase the collection from Boots – take a look here to explore the range further.

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