Self-Care: 5 Ways to Take Better Care of Yourself

I think it’s safe to say that mental health is (thankfully) something that we’re all hearing more about these days.

People are beginning to talk more about this taboo, with days dedicated to mental health awareness, celebrities opening up about their own struggles, helplines and online forums and the fact that we’re encouraged to talk to someone if we’re struggling with our own issues.

The term its “OK, to not be OK” is one that we’re encouraged to remember and pass on to others.

If you’re looking for ways to boost your own mental health, then you need to take some time and administer a little self-care. Protecting your own happiness and putting yourself first for a change can really help you overcome stress and any difficulties you might be facing. But do you know where to start?

Here I’ve gathered 5 ways you can take better care of yourself. And remember, if you’re struggling with your mental health then reach out and talk to someone you know and trust.

Visit your dentist

Looking after yourself physically is a positive step towards boosting your mental health. So, remember that a trip to the dentist is ideal – for your mouth health and for overall health. Even if you’re nervous, just let them know and they’ll happily accommodate you as they are used to people feeling a little uneasy. Your local dentist will be able to accommodate you when you enquire, or if you happen to be looking for dentist recommendations, you can opt to visit this Dentist in Greene.

Head to your GP

If you’re struggling with your mental health then it’s always recommended that you speak with a loved one or a medical professional.

It’s also a good idea to head to your GP and get yourself a full health MOT. Check your blood pressure, your weight (if you wish), chat about any physical issues you’re worrying about and make sure you’re up to date with things like vaccinations or even your contraceptive. You’ll feel fantastic.

Catch up on sleep

Not getting enough sleep is a bugbear for all of us. Whether you’re up all night with the little ones or you’re just not sleeping well. Not getting enough sleep leads to mood swings, depression and just general misery. Instead, why not shake up your bedtime routine?

Have a relaxing bath, treat yourself to some new bed linen, spray your pillow with a calming lavender scent and avoid looking at your phone for at least 2 hours before your head up to bed. If you’re up in the night with the kids, then try to catch up on a little sleep with a nap in the morning.

Write down your feelings

Treat yourself to a new journal and some stationary and have it near your bed. You could write your nightly dreams in it, your life goals, the little wins you had during the day, what you’re grateful for or what you hope to achieve this week.

Alternatively, writing down any issues you have can help put them into perspective so give it a try.

Head outdoors

Spending as little as 20minutes a day in nature is good for your stress levels and your blood pressure. So heading for a walk on your lunch break is good for you!

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