Getting My Hair Done at Boombae Manchester

Lat month, I had the awful scenario of where on Erath do I go for my hair. If you’ve been reading What Emma Did and following me on Instagram, you may be familiar with my hair story:

For years I went to Andrew Collinge, after reviewing them and loving their service. I then returned as a paying client for the next year. Then, my hairdresser moved on, and I was unsure of who else to follow up with, I took up a chance to review another salon in Manchester which had a great reputation.

I was having regular colour and cuts there, until all of a sudden, they just shut down. No warning, no communication, just went.

If you’re a blondie like me that needs to take good care when it comes to colour and cut maintenance, being stranded without a hairdresser you can trust is pretty sad news.

Then, as if the timing couldn’t be any better, I was told about a new salon that had literally opened a week ago just outside of Manchester city centre. The salon is called Boombae – if you click the link here you can find out a little more about this sassy new place.

I booked myself in just before flying to Ibiza for a friends wedding, which again was ideal timing as my hair really did need a bit of correcting.

I won’t lie, I like to stalk a place out on Instagram and make a little decision about it before I book. But before I got chance to stalk, I came across a few girls I follow on Instagram get their hair and makeup done at Boombae, and so far, results were looking fabulous!

I turned up at the brand new salon and was wowed by the cute grey and pink interior. Super pretty, and very chic. Everyone loves an instagram-able salon, right?

My stylist, Kia, was more than warm and welcoming, telling me about the story of how the salon came about, her aims and her visions. She was super lovely and talked me through some options for what we could do with my hair.

The situation was this: I had a full head of bleach highlights for around a year, which was making my hair snap, frizz and literally just break. So I had left it for a long while without touching it, before getting a subtle root blend to help my natural colour blend into the blonde.

That being said, it had faded slightly and the colour was looking brassy and blocky.

After a consultation with Kia, we decided to put a warm brown low light through the hair, blending in the subtle balayage, and a couple of blonde contouring highlights around the front of my face, to frame it.

As we were worried about further breakage to my hair, Kia chose the lowest form of lightener to blonde up the front of my hair, so it wouldn’t ruin the hair.

She was really impressed with how it took to my natural hair colour, lifting quickly and producing a fresh, clean blonde. When she washed the colour out, she applied a toner which combined warm, rich tones with cooler tones to combat brassiness but bring out the warmth in the browns.

I then had a good cut, which was needed, but more so than I thoughts. Kia actually shown me how uneven my previous cut had been, with a slight difference with each side, and she nicely broke up the blunt line, still keeping my hair cut to a style that makes it look thicker.

I can’t tell you how happy I am with my appointment at Boombae. Kia is extremely skilled and knows what she is talking about. But it also helps that she is lovely, chatty, and professional all at the same time. I trusted her immediately, which was a big thing for me after being previously let down.

I can assure you I will be back in a few months time when my hair is due a refresh!

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