The Home Improvements Which Can Help Your Self-Care

Lets face it: we’re always connected to the outside world. Most of us obsessively use our smartphones all day, as well as tracking our fitness moves via wearable fitness devices and using tablets and laptops for working during the day.

I for one am truly guilty of this. I wake up in the morning and scroll through my phone for a good 20 minutes before functioning for the day.

As I work from home a lot, I’ll then jump straight on my laptop in my living room or home office and start working. It was only the other week when I decided that my habits are actually quite detrimental to my self-care. I’m not taking breaks, and I’m not enjoying my home in the way that I should do.

My home should provide a space for relaxing and breaking off from communication. It should encourage creativity and for me to look after myself.

With this in mind, I’ve shared a number of ways below that I’m looking into, to let my home help with my well-being – not work against it.

Allow open space

Rooms which are enclosed with walls and doors can create a boxed in effect, making us feel cramped and restricted. However, those rooms which are more open plan and flow into each other give the illusion of lots of space and openness, which can apply the same effect to our minds.

Open space allows us to feel freer, where experts have said this can lead to increased creativity and a less cluttered mind. Look at using internal or external bi-fold doors either separating two rooms or leading to the back garden. The fact that these are ceiling to floor windows and can open out allows instant open space.

Let in natural light

One of the key interior hacks to lift our moods and instantly make us feel more mentally awake is to invest in more natural light. This means it’s worth having as much natural light as possible flowing through the home.

When surrounded by light, our mood can lift, with feelings of depression fading away.

Perhaps you currently have net curtains or blinds blocking natural light, or small, old windows which are stained or have chunky frames which minimize the flow of light. Look at improving your windows if they are old or need replacing. You can get beautiful double glazed windows which look elegant, as well as letting in substantial light.

I’m after some white framed windows which look bright and airy, as well as letting in a sufficient amount of light. I’m currently getting inspiration from Three Counties Windows, who have some fabulous designs.

Improving the office home

Working long hours in an office can make you feel mentally drained, with aching shoulders and poor posture. It’s becoming more common for workers to return home from a long day at the office bringing their problems home.

However, thanks to a recent introduction of more flexible working across workplaces, we’re becoming a nation who can now request to occasionally work from home. As well as boosting moral and reducing stress levels associated with commuting and long office hours, this is slowly leading to our homes being designed with working areas in mind.

Why not look at turning a spare room into a comfortable office? If it allows space for a desk and office essentials, it could quite quickly become a working space which reflects everything that motivates you.

As slumping over at desks for long periods of time are bad news for our posture, look at choosing a sit/stand desk set up. Also, if you’re currently looking at new development homes if you’re moving, look out for homes which now come equipped with USB charging ports and integrated lighting.

Bring nature indoors

The presence of nature has been linked proven to increase our productivity and concentration levels, helping us feel calmer and more relaxed.

You can bring nature into your home by including outdoor elements around the house. One way to do this is to invest in house plants, flowering pots, herbs and even false plants dotted around various rooms.

Another home improvement update is to look at incorporating plywood edging to desks and other furnishing details. Straw is also becoming more popular across the home, bringing this natural material into kitchens, bedrooms and living rooms via woven baskets and storage.

Above all, looking after our health and well-being is an essential factor of life, not an indulgence. Our health should come to the forefront when not only improving our work/life balance but improving our home too. Take on board the advice above, tailoring certain aspects to fit in with your health concerns, and start enjoying your home.

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