Powder Ombre Microbladed Eyebrows Review at Inskin, Altrincham

I’ve been talking about getting my eyebrows microbladed for such a long time now. However, getting round to booking it in and knowing where to go was starting to delay me. Before I knew it, I’d been talking about getting them down for two years, with no result to show for it.

Then, after being introduced to Inskin skincare and beauty clinic in the heart of Altrincham who offer the treatment, I decided I had found the right place to finally get them done.

As those who read my blog and follow me on Instagram will know, I’m a huge skincare enthusiast. I love discovering clinics and salons, checking out the best procedures and treatments in a bid to help me with my own skin troubles.

On this occasion, I was visiting InSkin on a microblading purpose, but I came across the place whilst browsing for some of the skincare procedures that are targeted towards my current skin concerns.

As I have acne breakouts, scarring and heavy pigmentation on my skin, I noticed that InSkin offer a range of professional peels, LED light facials, skin needling and resurfacing treatments. They work with acupuncture and micropigmentation specialists too, so they pretty much offer a whole host of impressive treatments.

Anyway, I was booked in for a microblading eyebrow session to sort out my gappy eyebrows. Now my eyebrows weren’t horrendous before my appointment, but they always needed penciling in everyday due to the shape not being quite sharp and smooth enough. I wanted my brows to frame my face more, to stand out and look natural, yet really shaped.

I headed to InSkin and was taken around the clinic first as it was my first time there. I was super impressed to see they have a resident tattooist on-site too, called Graham, offering an Inkedskin Tattoo service.

I then met with Victoria, my eyebrow specialist, who talked me through the options of Hair Stroke microblading and Powder Ombre. For those of you who don’t know the difference – just like I didn’t – I’ve highlighted this below for you:

Hair Stroke Microblading: This is a permanent makeup technique that creates the appearance of eyebrow hair. The result is fine hair strokes created by a microblading pen and mimicks the appearance of real brow hairs.


Powder Ombre Brows: Powder Ombre Brows are shaded in from light to dark, giving an ombre effect that looks soft and natural. It involves a more solid shading effect and is carried out via a different technique.

As my forehead is quite oily, and I like the look of drawn in, shaded brows, we decided together to go for powder ombre.


The procedure altogether took around 2-3 hours, but that was from arriving at the studio, having a full consultation, sitting with numbing cream on my brows, having them drawn on first to see if I liked the shape, and then the actual procedure.

Sure, I can’t lie and say it doesn’t hurt, because when the numbing cream wears off you certainly can feel it. It’s more like a tingling sensation, with a bit of a scratchy feel as the cream wears off.

Victoria was brilliant – she made sure I was happy with the ‘design’ of the brows first by carefully drawing them on and showing me what to expect. This step is so vital. It’s really important you find a permanent makeup specialist who does this step, and makes sure you are happy. Brows are so personal, so it’s ideal to work together to get this stage done first.

I was super happy with Victoria’s creation of my brows before we got started, in which I instantly felt at ease to continue. You could actually say that the whole procedure was quite relaxing – Victoria was lovely to chat away to, and she constantly checked I was feeling OK and if I needed more numbing cream.

When we were finished, Victoria handed me the mirror and I couldn’t believe the precision and neatness of mt eyebrows. Victoria had also plucked and trimmed some of my natural brows into shape so that she could shade them in to a lovely shape, without any of my annoyingly long whispie hairs getting in the way.

The before and after photos speak volumes! Just have a look…

Victoria made sure I didn’t leave the room until I knew what to expect until my top up session, which is 6 weeks after the initial treatment. She explained they would go darker within the next day or two, before scabbing over and then becoming a very light version of how they were.

I’m not two/three weeks into the process and my brows are at the ‘light’ stage, so they aren’t yet the finished result. I’ll go back in another two/three weeks and have the top up, and then it’s around week 10 that the brows are totally settled and showing their finished result.

By far the best treatment I have had done. The result is fantastic, they compltely frame my face and will speed up my makeup regime in the morning so much! Shading my brows always took me at least ten minutes…

Victoria and the team at Inskin are highly professional and super friendly. I felt comfortable and at ease the entire time. I’m really looking forward to going back, and no doubt you’ll hear more updates from me on the brow topic when my top up has been done!

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