I Tried The 2 Week Exante Plan and Here’s My Thoughts

It’s been a while since I’ve set myself a bit of a filming challenge, but when I started working on a recent collaboration with Exante – a diet plan and healthy eating meal replacement brand – I decided it would be super exciting to start filming again.

Before I go into the 2 week plan I decided to try out, I just want to highlight a number of factors in case any of you get a mixed message. Exante’s snacks, shakes and diet plans have some very very good reviews and experiences from customers, and I found when I had a browse, they work exceptionally well for those who have quite a lot of weight to shed to become healthier.

New Mum’s are also another big category, when you struggle to fit in time to cook healthy meals, but you have excess weight that makes you feel less confident.

Whatever the persons opinion is to want to change up what they are consuming, plus various lifestyle factors, is completely down to the individual.

However, for me, I wanted to try Exante out in a bid to start snacking smarter, swap out some of my high fat and high sugar snacks/meals, yet incorporate a high amount of protein as I aim to try and work out more for February and March.

So I just wanted to make you aware I’m not trying to loose the pounds. I’m quite slender already (I could just do with mega toning up!), but was intrigued with the Exante plan as some of the meals and snacks are kinda just what I need for a 2 week period, to start switching out some bad habits I have, and to get results whilst still in February.

I filmed the first 5 days trying out the 2 week Exante plan, and documented it alllllllll on the video below. Plus, I have a 5% off code: WHATEMMADID5

It includes some of the shakes/meals/oats and bars that I enjoyed the most, my ratings out of 10 for taste (because lets face it, everyone wants to enjoy what they are consuming) and also how I make them. Because that is actually one of the best bits: the porridge/shakes/curries/soups/pancakes in the plan are sooooo easy to make. You literally mix with water!

What is the Exante 2 Week Plan?

So lets take a look at the 2 week plan. My box contained all the items listed below, which I successfully finished off over the period. I was really pleased to see that most of the food options in the plan are packed with 27 vitamins and minerals, especially the oats, shakes and bars, which are also high in protein.

So that way, I knew I wasn’t skipping on any nutrition, and I was helping myself become a little healthier than when I usually snack on chocolate bars and fatty crisps (and the horrendous peanut crunch cereal I’m ashamed to have every morning!)

The 2 Week Plan Box

4x Banana Shake
4x Vanilla Shake
4x Chocolate Shake
4x Strawberry Shake
3x Cherries & Berries Shake
3x Honeycomb Shake
2x Lemon Pancakes
2x Apple & Cinnamon Porridge
2x Porridge Oats
2x Indian Style Curry with Rice
2x Red Thai Chicken Soup
2x Peanut Butter Crunch Bar
2x Chocolate Caramel Crunch Bar
2x White Chocolate Bar
2x Chocolate Orange Bar
2x Double Chocolate Bar
1x Shaker Bottle

I’ll skip right to the bit where I highlight my most delicious ones. The Peanut Butter Bar’s are insanely tasty, which you can find them online in boxes to purchase here.

The porridge in both plain and apple & cinnamon were just divine. Thick, creamy and sweet – a real comforting bowl in the mornings! You can find these online here.

The Indian Style Curry was the biggest shock. Chunky, rich, and full of flavour, with tangy tomato flavours and a hint of spice. These are available online here.

Also, I was super impressed with the Maple Syrup pancakes, again packed with vitamins and minerals, and high in protein (a great pre-gym snack). I don’t make them too perfectly on the vlog, but have a little look and you can see how light and fluffy they look!

As I explain in the vlog above, I found the Exante plan worked absolutely brilliant for me for how I was using it. I started off by swapping my usual peanut crunch cereal for the porridge oats to kick-start with a high protein and fibre hot oat cereal.

Then, I’d have a shake. I have to say, the banana, honeycomb and Cherries & Berries are my favourite flavours. Plus, they are mega filling! If I had one of these before lunch I was never actually hungry for lunch, but I had one anyway a little later on – usually the Red Thai Soup one day and then alternate to the Indian Style Curry the next.

Some days I would have one of my usual dinners, or I would alternate and have the Indian style curry if I hadn’t had it for lunch. I was still adding a few extras in, such as the pancakes as a little afternoon snack, an apple, or a salad with spinach leaves as my mission was to start snacking much healthier.

For someone who hasn’t much experience trying out sachet foods, I was skeptical about the tastes, but it seems Exante have developed these just right. Everything was tasty, and nothing was a chore to make or eat. Just simple and delicious!

I’ll admit I was surprised at how easy it was for me to stick to, and how much I enjoyed the range of foods and snacks.

The 2 week plan costs £39.99, which includes your shaker bottle too. You can get 5% off though with my code WHATEMMADID5! You’ll find a lot of meal ideas, inspiration and motivational stories online at Exante too, so lots of encouragement and help is available over there.

Feel free to ask me any questions to either my email, comments on Instagram DM’s!

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