Here’s What Distracts UK Drivers The Most When On The Road

Did you know that the biggest distraction to drivers in the UK is actually ‘noise’? Yes, plain and simple: noise is the biggest distraction when we’re out and about driving.

Music plays a big part here, with 24% saying that pop music is the biggest distraction when it comes to noise, followed by 20% saying classical, and 16% finding that no music at all is a distraction in itself.

These findings – from a new survey on top distractions for UK drivers by Lease Car UK – have been displayed in an infographic which has recently been created. It displays the results of a survey in which 1,000 people were asked about their top distractions whilst driving.

It goes to show that even if we don’t look at our mobile phones when behind the wheel (which I hope none of you do!) there seems to be plenty of other ways in which we can be distracted.

The personal contract hire company has highlighted just how serious the distraction problem is, away from just focusing on mobile phone distraction alone.

32% of passengers that responded to the survey say they tend to ‘snack and go’ whilst on the roads, eating behind the wheel. Luckily, the majority said this tends to be just snacks or lunch, and not quite their evening dinner.

Interestingly enough, it seems to be junk foods which are snacked most regularly behind the wheel. Chocolate and sweets is the most common, with healthier foods sitting right at the bottom of the list.

Furthermore, a survey’s result I found quite interesting was that 10% of women admit to applying makeup at traffic lights. Now hands up who is guilty of that one? It’s got to be more than 10%, surely?

Luckily, women say it’s lipstick or lipgloss that they most commonly apply when driving. I’m glad to hear it isn’t foundation, blusher or liner…

An interesting one though was about 12% of men admitting to shaving in the car. Shaving?! Who carries a razor with them when out and about? Madness! It was that point and the one about 5% of people keeping pets in their footwell that totally baffled me…

I’d say that for me, anyone talking to me or playing loud videos/music on their phones is a total distraction for me. It’s a real pet hate which I cannot stand.

Mainly, above anything thought, it’s the weather which can be my biggest distraction. I’m surprised to see it not appear on the infographic. Rain, noisy wind, blinding sunlight – I literally struggle to drive while any of these are taking place!

What is your biggest distraction?

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