Planning For Our Baby Girl: A First Time Mum for 2021

So I recently realised that I haven’t made much of an announcement here on the blog about my pregnancy, which is a shame, as my blog is nearly turning 11 years old! It should have been the first place I took to to write about the news. But instead. bloomin’ Instagram just takes over, doesn’t it!

To those who have followed me or read my blog for a while, you’ll probably know that I’ve been very career driven for most of my life. I always dreamt of becoming my own boss and working for myself, but I took my time with it and built 10 years industry experience working within marketing, PR and SEO across the fashion and beauty industries.

I’m still only two and a bit years into my freelance/self employed/girl boss life – whatever you wish to call it. And I guess there was never going to a right time to feel ready to become a first time mum. But I was turning 34 this year and figured it’s kinda now or never – especially after finding out I have polycystic ovaries, and it’s harder to conceive.

So to cut a long story short – I’m having a baby girl in January 2021! We’re over the moon and super excited for her arrival…

As a first time Mum, I’ve been turning to copious amounts of mum groups, friends, family and online communities for advice and guidance. Of course, everyone is different and we all rely on different tips and tales to help us prepare for Motherhood.

From speaking to different people and using a variety of sources, here’s a few ways I’m planning to prepare for my baby girl that I hadn’t given much thought to before, with a focus on her little getting ready routine!

Baby beauty

I swear this baby will have a better skin and hair regime than me by the time she is here! Something I hadn’t given too much thought to before was the skincare and hair regimes you give to your baby. Babies are more prone to eczema and skin rashes these days than ever before, and that’s also due to the amount of ingredients out there which can cause irritation.

Products that are designed for everyone could damage your baby’s skin. So the golden rule is, look for products that have been formulated especially for babies, and the kinder the ingredients, the better.

Bearing in mind that my baby’s skin will be thinner, and may need vegan friendly or organic ingredients to prevent any irritation, I’ve been scoping out gentle, baby friendly brands. A good one to start with when researching is Good Bubble, a brand who specialist in eco-friendly baby friendly shampoo, washes and body care. The products are filled with allergen-free ingredients that are dermatologically tested and designed for sensitive skin, like baby body wash, shampoo and hair wash suitable for newborn babies, infants, toddlers and even adults! So Mummy and baby can share, if you like!

It’s key to research properly before you buy into a brand, but ideally making sure the baby shampoo, body wash and skin lotions are made from 98% naturally derived & vegan-friendly ingredients’ a safe place to start. Any perfume, soap and alcohol which are often found in products for adults are way too harsh for newborn skin, and you’ll risk the chance of causing allergic reactions.

Baby bath or bath support

I always remember giving my niece her first bath with my sister when she was born. I think a lot of people feel a bit nervous about bathing their newborn baby for the first time, but I’m telling myself that once I get used to it, and start to do it most evenings before bed, it will become a lovely, relaxing way to end the day.

I’m also looking at getting one of the best bath units out there so I feel as safe with it as possible. There are two main options – a baby bath, which is a small, plastic bath-shaped tub, which can be used in the bathroom or anywhere in the house that works. Or, if there are Mum’s looking for something that doesn’t take up much space, a bath support might be better option for some as they’re designed to be used in your existing bath.

I have my eye on the Shnuggle bath which I’ve seen at John Lewis!

Changing mats in every room

I have this fear of a leaking baby and no changing mat to hand, which is why I’ve already started to invest in copious amounts of baby changing mats.

Babies need a lot of nappy changes let’s be honest, and and chances are it’ll happen at the most inconvenient times. I want to be as organised as possible, so will be setting up a few places round the home that can serve the purpose!

The main one will be the changing unit in the babies room, but ideally the baby might not be in there for a while. So I’ll have changing mats in the living room, spare room and kitchen/dining room too, so I’m never without! I’m also going to get some changing nappy caddy style storage for each room (well, maybe 3 rooms of the home) that I’ve spied on Amazon. These are key to set up an organised place to change the baby so I always have everything to hand. A changing mat along with wipes, nappies, cream, and a nappy bin!

Cuddle robe or towels

Let’s face it: nothing is cuter than a baby straight out of the bath wrapped in a snuggly robe! I’ll be choosing a soft towel with a hood to keep her head warm, and ideally organic cotton just incase of any irritation. Always gotta be thinking of their super sensitive skin!

Sleeping bags

This has to be the most adorable item for a baby girl in my opinion! Especially if you have a wriggly baby who likes to kick off their blankets, a sleeping bag is a safe option for keeping them warm all night. They look super cute all snuggled into the zip up bags, and although I’ll be holding off until the baby is over a month old, I can’t wait to start picking some lovely sleeping bags out.

Baby monitor

This is a task I left for my other half, as anything gadget and tech wise is more his thing (he can leave the bath and body products to me!). For peace of mind, a baby monitor is a must, and I feel we’ll want the best one for clarity with a widescreen so we can always see what’s going on.

Many monitors have temperature displays included too, and although we’ve kindly been given a Gro Egg, we’ll still be looking for one that has a temperature tracker included, too, so I can ensure our baby’s room is comfortable. We’ve seen one from BT which has great reviews, and although the actual design and visual isn’t too great, it sounds like it does a really good job for giving parents peace of mind.

I’ll try to document more of my pregnancy journey on this blog going forward, but in the meantime, there’s lots of content based around the first and second trimester over on my Instagram feed here

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