Juliette Has a Gun Lipstick Fever Fragrance Launch

When I first recieved a press release on the launch of the new Lipstick Fever parfum by luxury brand Juliette Has A Gun, one thing in particular stood out. There was section dedicated to lipstick, and why it always tends to have that same familiar ‘scent’.

When I read this, I was like, YES- that is spot on. I remember trying on my cousins lipsticks when I was only around 9 years old, in her bedroom, and I associated it with grown ups and ‘going out on the town’. It was special scent, and one that I associate with luxury and premium items.

According to the press release, lipsticks were flavoured with a light violet candy aroma in the 1920’s, and violet and raspberry have been favoured as rather ‘delicious’ scents to have your tongue running over, when we’re talking about lipstick!

I adore feminine scents, and when I saw the line up of ‘notes’ as shared below, I was pretty excited to try it. More so when I opened up the package and took in the dark cherry shade ombre bottle, which looks ultra glam to go alongside my collection of favourite fragrances.

  • Top Notes: Raspberry, Violet Absolute
  • Heart: Patchouli Essence, Iris Absolute
  • Base: Vanilla Absolute, Cedar

The fragrance launched at Harvey Nichols stores last month, new for September. To me, it’s slightly deeper than I imagined, which makes it a nice new addition for the Autumnal season. From first testing the fragrance, I noticed a slightly fresh yet dusky rose/violet scent, and that creamy note of lipstick that I talked about before.

It’s feminine for sure, but not as sweet as you would imagine when you look at the words raspberry and vanilla. Which to me was a good thing: I love a girly fragrance, but if a feminine scent can have deeper, sultry tones to it too, then I’m sold.

It’s the nostalgia about this perfume I truly love. I know I mentioned about the lipstick scent earlier on, and I really do get reminiscent of ‘adults’ lipsticks when I lightly spray this. It also has an expensive smell, in my opinion, which goes hand in hand with my memories of lipstick.

The bottle looks like it’s an evening fragrance, yet the ingredients and notes remind me more of a daytime, fresh fragrance. I would say that for me, it’s one I’d prefer wearing in the evenings, and also for those ‘nicer’ day time occasions. Slightly musky, with deep raspberry, sweet tones of vanilla coming through and that kind of ‘sexy’ scent of a seductive woman.

I usually spray a good few pumps of perfume onto my neck and wrists, and I felt this was needed to get the real depth of this fragrance. So don’t be afraid to really go for it when spritzing on, I’m rather enjoying layering this on throughout a special evening!

I always find this fragrance brand to be a luxury name that never disappoints me. It hasn’t let me down yet with their fragrance launches, from the ones I’ve tried, and I feel that if you’re looking at gifting a premium scent as a gift this Christmas, this is definitely a solid option. Stunning bottle design, a unique name, a feminine touch yet a slightly deep scent which should strike the nostalgia chords for many women.

You can shop the fragrance here at Harvey Nichols where 50ml retails at £85.

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