Shopping for New Glasses at Specsavers

Where on Earth would I be without stylish glasses? I’ve been a glasses wearer since I was a child, although back then it wasn’t as ‘cool’ as it is now to be seen wearing a pair of spectacles. Because of that, when I was 18 I embraced the world of contact lenses, desperately avoiding starting university being the one who looked like ‘the geek’.

How times have changed over the last decade! People are even wearing clear lenses glasses, in a bid to join in the spectacle revolution, purely for the fashion element.

Suddenly it’s seen as a trendy thing to do, to be a glasses wearer. And thank god for that. I’m lazy when it comes to contact lenses, wearing them for a good 15 hours a day, getting tired eyes. And that’s when I can even be bothered with the faff of putting them in in the first place. I could use continuous wear lenses (explained on this post: but never gave it a go.

Give me a nice pair of glasses to pop on everyday and I’m happy!

I’ve been visiting Specsavers on and off since I was in my early teenage years. It’s a place I always go back to, as I feel their range of frames are second to none.

I am hard work when it comes to selecting a pair, but luckily, Specsavers have a new Frame Styler system, which captures your face from three different angles photograph style, before telling you the shape of face you have.

It then brings up lots of frames across Specsavers own and designer, which should ideally suit the face shape you have. You can easily just select any of the frames you’re drawn to, and the Frame Styler visually applies them to your photo so you can get a rough idea of what they look like, even before you try them on.

I recently visited Specsavers in Kirkby, in which the ever so helpful staff carried this out for me. Because I fall under the heart shape face, it’s usually a slight rectangular, cat eye style which suits me. However, I have to be careful a pair aren’t too large for me as I do have quite a petite size face!

I shortlisted around 10 pairs (as you do) before settling on these sassy GANT frames which are nothing like any I’ve picked before. The beige/nude pink colour makes them so different to my usual heavy black frames, but I just love them!

I wanted a more unique and stylish pair of frames, with a designer edge that gave me a new look. These definitely do that! The team made sure they fit me comfortably, and I’m now the owner of a pair of sassy designer GANT specs. (They retail at £149).

A huge thank you to all the team who helped me at Specsavers. From start to finish, the service couldn’t be faulted.

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