5 Acne Bloggers and Skin Positivity Influencers To Follow

The best acne bloggers and acne influencers to follow regularly share their stories and experiences around being an acne sufferer. Adult acne is massive these days, but a couple of years ago, many Instagram users didn’t feel it was the right place for authenticity.

I was one of them back in the day. I enjoyed using Instagram to boost my confidence, knowing that the ‘online world’ could only see me as this flawless, makeup wearing blogger.

Fast forward to 2020, and I regularly post my bare face – agressive acne or tame acne all on show – depending which stage my acne is currently at. Either way, I know that acne has ruled my life for 17 long years – can you believe I have had acne for over half of my actual life!

Ever since I have made this switch, I’ve received so many empowering and inspirational messages from other sufferers. It’s also helped me make contact with skincare brands, natural therapists and all kinds, who have skin issue and acne in common.



The first acne influencer/blogger I am listing is my own Instagram page, because I’ve started sharing before and after videos/photos of myself with and without makeup. I think my whole following was quite shocked with this! The different is pretty incredible, and I’m merely sharing these videos in my Insta highlights to show that it is normal to suffer from bad skin and cystic acne, yet makeup can work wonders too!

We’re not all flawless, and I for one certainly am not…



Ella is a huge inspiration as not only was she an acne sufferer, she is now a skincare expert and skin therapist, carrying out professional treatments at her clinic in Manchester.

I visited Ella last year for a microneedling treatment which was excellent (currently saving to come back!), and I was so enlightened to chat with Ella about everything acne, scarring, pigmentation and even the science behind acne.

Ella shares her own journey as well as skin care advice, product help, and everything in between.




I’ve been following Kara for over a year now, and I find her positivity and zest for life – with or without acne – refreshing. She documents her journey of treating acne along with scarring, and isn’t afraid to share the good days and the bad. I’ve seen Kara have some positive experiences and then some lower points with her skin, all in which she never looses hope that acne won’t be forever!

She talks about topical treatments and internal treatments, and I’m forever learning from her.

An inspirational account shared by Kara’s sweet, helpful nature.



Sarah is a newer follow for me, but I’m super glad I came across her account. Her acne is much more healed now, but I love how she shares everything from Roaccutane to laser treaments to document what worked for her.

She is really inspiring with sharing how acne does not define you, and motivates her followers daily with updates, skin talk and general confidence. I found myself scrolling down and down and down when I first came across Sarah, genuinely loving her down to Earth approach and real life account.


Free The Pimple is more of a celebration account for acne sufferers which I feel is right up my street! It’s ran by Lou Northcote – whose instagram page is just as inspiring as Free The Pimple – openly discussing life with acne.

Again, with both Lou’s personal page and Free The Pimple (which is more of a movement) the accounts share product reviews, what has worked and what hasn’t, and most importantly, give an inspiring message that we are all beautiful no matter how severe our acne may be.

If you’re an acne sufferer, I honestly would recommend following and interacting with the above accounts and other acne sufferers online. It’s like one bug happy support group, and for me, a place where I feel less alone.


Have I missed anyone off?

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