How To Shop For Antique Style Engagement Rings


Today’s post is one aimed for the men, which doesn’t happen too often on the blog really! Of course, as I go on about a lot over on my Instagram page, I recently got engaged towards the end of last year.

It came at a time where a lot of people I knew had recently got engaged too, and I also found that a lot of my male friends since have been thinking about ‘popping the question’. It’s funny how when friends announce their news, it brings those usually private males a little out of their shell, eager to share their thoughts about engagement.

With rings, everyone needs a little help, right?

For men, I understand why they say they have a real mix of concerns and worries, mainly about getting the right just right. If your partner is pining away for a ‘simple’ engagement ring, you may ask yourself, what does  a ‘simple’ engagement ring even mean? After all, there is no easy accounting for taste, and what one person classes as simple might not be simple in the others eyes.

For most men, the purchase of an engagement ring is going to be their maiden voyage into the labyrinth of women’s jewellery and they tend to be afraid. Very afraid. Walking into a jewellery shop as a man is like walking into a 5-year-old’s birthday party dressed up like a piñata; you’ll be spotted immediately, descended upon, and played from the get-go. Your lady is worth whatever you feel, not what you buy her, so don’t be guilt-ed into spending money that you don’t have.

With this in mind, antique engagement rings seem to be on the rise. The antique styles which provoke memories, come with stories, and feel that little bit more ‘special’. So in today’s post, I wanted to share a few tips on shopping for antique engagement rings, which can make the most beautiful proposal ‘gift’ so to speak.

1. Budget

No lady wants to know their man is going to be forever in debt due to the huge rock she’s wearing everyday. That’s why if you shop smart, and have antique engagement rings in mind, it could work well for you.

First, let’s consider your budget. If you’re looking for a simple antique engagement ring, perhaps because you’re low on money or you’re trying to stretch it. Let me just say this one thing about your budget; it’s good enough. Whatever it is, it’s good enough. You will be able to find something beautiful with what you have.

The wonderful thing about antique styles is that they come with many attributes of unique engagement rings, both bespoke and wonderful for the wearer. They can be grand, dazzling and colourful, reminiscent of the Great Gatsby, 1920’s era. Or they can be a dainty gold band with a pretty crystal. Do your research online, set a style in mind, and stick to a budget.

2. Materials

Lets talk metals: Gold is nice, silver is a little too flexible and temporary –yet platinum or titanium are much more affordable, and a heck of a lot more durable than other engagement ring band options.

However, the material should match what will work for your other half. If she always wears silver, look for sterling silver, white gold or platinum. White gold and platinum make ultra-durable engagement ring bands, and can also be quite functional for a lady that works with her hands and runs the risk of nicking her jewellery on other hard surfaces.

Gold is also worth considering – usually within a higher carrot.

3. Stones

Diamonds are not necessarily a go-to for antique engagement rings arrangements. You have a whole planet of stones to choose from, from birth stones to one-of-a-kind gem stones –old and new. Antique stones seem to be more lenient for being a little more unique with the stone choice, mainly due to the array of styles.

If you’re stuck on both stone and style, it’s worth seeking help from a leading jeweller. For example, Flaxman Fine Jewellery – whose impressive range of decorative antique style engagement rings are used on this blog post – has years of expertise in guiding shoppers through the buying process with expert knowledge. They have art deco style, vintage, Edwardian and Victorian styles to name a few,  in which the experts can explain which stones work best with these styles. You can click here to find out a little more.

It’s worth asking yourself: Does your lady’s personal style jive with a diamond? Or is she more of a gemstone girl?

4. Colour

Only you can determine what you think will work here, but if you’re really stuck, you can always propose with a ‘costume’ ring, and then allow your other half to shop for an antique engagement ring with you.

At Flaxman Fine Jewellery, I love their engagement rings page which highlights the styles of antique rings, breaking it down into understandable chunks. You can read up on the 1940s and 1950s style rings that use precious metals, and be inspired by the striking designs on the art deco themed antique engagement rings.

5. Size

Go back to that jewellery box of hers and make note of her ring size. Being a little James Bond in this area will help increase the element of surprise and it’s too easy to do; snap up a ring and bring it to the jeweller for reference. If you’re worried about your lady thinking she’s been robbed, try tracing the ring on paper and leave your specimen behind!

If you can’t do this, remember that experienced jewellers will be familiar with this situation and may be able to help. It is also a really good idea to seek a little advice from any female friends, too.

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