For Your Bucket List: 3 Must-See Attractions in South Africa

If you’re looking for African adventure and are hoping to find a destination that gives you all the thrills of an African holiday, plus good infrastructure, South Africa is a good choice. Safety is one of the concerns that troubles many visitors to Africa, so let’s consider this factor before diving in and checking out the top three attractions any visitor should try to fit into the itinerary.

As with just about anywhere, how safe you are depends on where you go. Local advice will help you to avoid crime hotspots and the sometimes-scary experience of losing your way on roads that peter out into dirt tracks. In Africa, the shortest route may very well not be the best or the safest one, so be wary of trusting your satnav’s recommendations.

Escorted motorhome tours serve the dual purpose of getting you to the best spots and keeping you safe and on track in the process. Alternatively, there are several “hop on, hop off” bus routes targeting backpackers, or you can simply hire a car and be sure to check your routes with your accommodation hosts before you hit the road. Ready to roll? Let’s go!

1. Cape Town

Cape Town has an international airport and is a fantastic place to start your tour. Shop and dine at the restored Victoria and Alfred Waterfront; visit the magnificent nature reserve at Cape Point and watch the oceans meet; laze on white sandy beaches; and take the cable car to the top of Table Mountain.

You’ll also have easy access to Robben Island where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned; be able to shop to your heart’s content in the fascinating Green Market Square area; or nip out of town to the winelands for wine tasting and fine dining.

There are more activities around Cape Town than you’ll ever fit into one holiday, so be picky or you could easily end up getting stuck here!

2. The Great Escarpment

Most of South Africa lies on a high plateau that is separated from the coastal zone by ranges of high mountains. You can access the escarpment from the Western Cape, Eastern Cape, or Kwazulu-Natal provinces, or even from near the Kruger Park in Mpumalanga province. Absolutely all of the escarpment is a study in mountain grandeur embroidered with tales of battles, hardy travelers, and the fortune-seekers of bygone days.

Those interested in the history of the Zulu wars, or who want to see the higher peaks of the escarpment, should visit the Natal Drakensberg. Travelers hoping to fit in a visit to the Kruger Park will find the Mpumalanga peaks both unforgettably lovely and a convenient part of their Game Reserve holiday. Whatever your access point, this is a place to linger and admire the majestic vistas.

3. The Kruger National Park

The Kruger National Park covers an area roughly the same size as Wales and the landscape is incredibly diverse. But what people come here to see is the wildlife, and there’s no shortage of that, even on the busiest of the roads that criss-cross the park.

There is no doubt whatsoever that you will see buck, giraffes, elephants,baboons, hippos, buffalo, lions, and even the occasional rhino. At dawn or dusk, you might even spot a leopard and whether you see them or not, you’ll hear hyenas laughing in the night.

There are hotels in the Kruger National Park, but they are renowned for their priciness. Safe camping grounds, fenced from nighttime predators, are a favourite with locals and will suit those traveling on a budget.

South Africa is Big: Choose Your Own Adventure

We’ve just touched on three of the most popular tourist destinations in South Africa. There’s much more to see and do, and no matter where you are there will be activities to suit anybody.

From adrenaline-packed adventures, to wildlife viewing, and from fabulous beaches to forests and deserts, you’re spoiled for choice. Make the most of your holiday by planning carefully before you leave – or choose a guided tour put together by those already in the know.

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