4 Ways to Detox in Your Beauty Regimen

After years of using a product, we learn about the cruelty that goes behind making those products and the harmful effects of their artificial formulas.
A beauty routine detox is just as important as cleaning your home with natural products or eating a balanced diet. Detoxing your beauty routine means abandoning your chemical-ridden, artificial products, and look for alternative beauty products that are healthier and safer. Before changing
your beauty regimen, you need to learn more about the chemicals in your products and those that are and are not safe.

Changing up your routine all at once can be expensive, but no one is saying that you have to throw everything out and start over just like that. In fact, it might be more beneficial to take do it gradually and use up the products that you already have that are not so bad. Having a safe and healthy beauty regimen doesn’t have to be intimidating nor feel unattainable. Also, it doesn’t have to drain your wallet, too.

Here are 4 simple ways in which you can detox your beauty regime.

Change Your Moisturiser

We use lotion every day, which means we highly expose our body to the chemicals found in lotion. You can begin by finding a lotion that doesn’t contain problematic ingredients like, petroleum derivatives, fragrance, preservatives and Polyunsaturated oils (PUFAs). These chemicals cause pore blockage that restricts the release of toxins from your skin, resulting in
allergies, faster aging, and hormonal imbalances.

Instead, you can also opt for richer creams, preferably ones that contain natural ingredients, like shea butter and coconut oil, which are both lightweight and work wonders on dry skin. You can also use a night time face mask for radiant and hydrated skin.

Don’t overlook serums, too. For those with more problem skin, serums can act as a treatment product, and it’s surprising how many are packed with natural powerhouse ingredients.

Kiss Your Chemical-based Perfumes, Hair Products and Deodorants Goodbye!

There are numerous synthetic chemicals in your perfumes that are not listed in the ingredients. We’re equally unaware of how little our need for antiperspirants is. Perfumes are harmful mainly because these synthetic chemicals can cause allergies, dermatitis, hormone disruption, and even
respiratory issues.

Phthalates are chemicals in perfumes that make the fragrance last longer, and they’re notoriously known as hormone disruptors. Deodorants contain aluminum, preservatives, and fragrances that can absorb through the armpits, and accumulate into the breast and brain tissues. Restricting the
body from releasing sweat also has harmful biological implications. As an alternative, you can go for chemical-free deodorants and perfumes. You can also opt for natural alternatives made that are made of essential oils or go completely fragrance-free.

Formulas concocted from natural ingredients, like coconut oil, shea butter, and baking soda are great replacements for mainstream deodorants.

Gentler Cleansers

Many of our regular cleansers (shampoos as well as face cleansers) consist of very questionable ingredients, like sulfate (which produces foam), fragrance, triclosan, fragrances, and petroleum and polyunsaturated oils. These products can enter the bloodstream through your skin, causing
hormonal toxicity and mess with your natural skin barriers, making your skin complexion and hair color more vulnerable and duller.

For a safer choice, you can opt for a detoxifying shampoo and natural skin cleanser. There are also many pure and natural soap blocks now that come in eco-friendly packaging which can be just as great for your skin cleasning regime.

Non-chemical Makeup and Makeup Swaps

We understand how difficult it is to replace your trusted, go-to make-up products. But it’s important to understand that some common ingredients in regular makeup, such as silicone, talc, petroleum, and polyunsaturated oils can be extremely harmful to your skin.

Thankfully, you can find organic makeup products, especially foundation and concealers, that go directly on your skin. A safer blush, powder, and lipstick can be life-changing once you find the right one! Just make sure you do your own research into the ingredients and their percentages. You may see a line of makeup branded as mineral, yet the mineral content could be as little as 10%.

Look for brands that claim transparency and focuses on educating their clients on what’s inside their products. When in doubt, you can chat with their online customer service department. If you need somewhere to start, YoungBlood is a brilliant one for being pure and effective.

Final Thoughts

Here’s a pro-move: for you not to break the bank, gradually faze out your existing beauty products to safer options. Another great budgeting tip is to DIY some of your products. There are plenty of simple recipes online for creating your own safe products with easy to find ingredients.

Oftentimes, you can use the same ingredient in multiple formulas. It’s one of your best bets when it comes to going green and incorporating safer options without cashing out a ton of money. Sometimes, simple truly is better. Find trusted brands, and the more you know about what to
avoid, the less this will feel like work. We hope you find these tips useful.

Good luck detoxing your beauty regimen!

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