Make Up Wars… High St V Designer

We’ve worn the clothes, we’ve strutted the shoes, weve accessorised ourselves up… yep we all love a bit of  Topshopping!

So it only seems normal that our favorite High St fashion brand Topshop has announced its progression into the cosmetics industry, launching its make up range in stores and online from May 5th. ‘At last!’ I hear you cry, it’s the start of affordable, stylish and no doubt adorable make up making a bee line for our make up bags.

The range will boast an array of colours and styles, with the cutest packaging which will sit nicely with Topshop’s trendy clothing. Eye crayons come sleek in gold casing, and nail polishes sit pretty in little polka-dotted bottles. The range is also extensive, taking into consideration different skin tones and colourings.  The best bit, is that prices range from £4 – £10, so if you want to add a shiny coral lip gloss to the pile of pretty dresses you’ve just lugged to the cash desk, then your hardly breaking the bank…

Following in the footsteps of  Topshop is designer favorite Burberry, where they have decided to elaborate on their fragrances line with the launch of cosmetics in July this year. The range will cover the basics; foundations, eye shadows, eye liners, mascaras, powders and lipsticks. As much as I think Burberry’s line will do extremely well, I can’t quite see their range appealing to the mass audience like Topshop. With Topshop catering for all tastes, such as neon, glittery, and natural make up, Burberry is so far lined up to produce ‘effortlessly wearable’ make up, where the colour palette will be dominated with muted naturals and matte shades.

Emma Wastson: Face of Burberry. Will she be the face of their make up range?


As a make up junkie I’m sure I’ll be sampling products from both brands- shimmer, shiny or soft shades, I will embrace them all!

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