Dare to wear leather?

I have to admit, when I’m trawling through fashion magazines and the internet ogling new trends, I tend to be a bit frightened by something I often come across. I have a little read about it, weigh up a couple of pictures, then flip over the page and give it no more consideration. Oh the leather trend….

It’s not that I am actually scared of leather (that would just be a stupid phobia…) but the thought of wearing it sometimes gives me the shudders. I mean, don’t we usually associate leather with PVC-wearing-mutton-dressed-as- lambs?  When was the last time you read a fashion article about someone stylish, say, Jessica Alba, and it stated “Jessica Alba looked beautiful in her ever-so-stylish leather dress”… Thought so.

But lately I can’t avoid it. Yes, leather is being rubbed in my face. It’s everywhere! It’s on the catwalks of Hermes, Yves Saint Laurent and Chloe, and I must say that given the 2010 twist, leather is actually looking good this time around. The rough and ready leather biker jacket and cheap leather dress styles have been replaced with a classy and unique high waisted leather short.

Now shorts are a garment that never frighten me. Come rain or shine, I’ve got my shorts on, layered up with tights or leggings, or a bit of bare leg on show. So when I’m blitzed with all these images of hot leather shorts riding up the waists of catwalk models, I have to say that this time I’m impressed…

Gwyneth rocks the leather look

I still think that I have the right to say that maybe this is a look only younger people can pull off… MILF slightly comes to mind when picturing a middle-aged lady squeezing on some leathers. But each to their own either way. So the leather really is beyond you, you can go leather a la Alexa Chung and team your shorts up with bare legs, ballet pumps and a fitted tee, or go Gwyneth with an evening top and fitted blazer. I’m debating which look to opt for personally, but I do think I have found the right pair to purchase….

This pair of high waisted leather shorts in tan by Zara look classic and effortless. Well they do on the model at least, wether or not I actually leave the changing room with them is another matter….

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