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So I have just spent the past 8 minutes and 43 seconds of my afternoon watching Lady GaGa’s Alejandro video, which launched on her website today. It was everything I expected – completely off the wall just like GaGa herself.

I also spent around 2 and a half hours of my time on Wednesday watching her live at the M.E.N arena as part of her Monster Ball Tour. Watching Lady GaGa is just plain entertainment, love or loathe her music, if you’re into the whole music, fashion and performance industry then this Lady will get you hooked.

Live at the M.E.N

The Alejandro video launch caused a storm amongst the fashion world this morning, as millions of people logged on to her official website to see what creations stylist Nicola Formichetti had dressed the crazy singer in. And this time it is all focused around Emporio Armani, Alexander McQueen, Calvin Klein and Dolce and Gabbana. It features men prancing around in Klein boxers, and GaGa sporting McQueen custom-made cape’s. She also struts around in Klein and Agent Provocateur underwear whilst tying up a man on the bed. Um…. soft porn comes to mind!

The video has only been launched today but already the Poker Faced singer has been accused of copying Madonna’s Vogue video. I have to say the resemblance is clear – with GaGa wearing a blonde bobbed wig, a black bra with guns launching out from the cups, and a black and white setting to give the ‘Vogue Vibe’. But so what, how is that a bad thing? Madonna is one of the most successful women in the music industry, and personally I think GaGa has a stronger voice, catchier music, and has a lot more tricks up her sleeve than Madonna!

Outfit Change Number Six….

If you have nine minutes to spare, go and watch the Alejandro video and witness GaGa going from ice queen, to nude underwear dominatrix, from a red rubber nun to a bra-turned-into-a-gun- dancer. This woman mixes music with fashion and entertainment better than anyone I know, so all hail the GaGa!

Check out Nicola Formichetti’s blog at to see the amazing outfits he’s dressed GaGa in for her brilliant new video.

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