Up Your Kilt

I had to put the blog on hold recently as my little world’s been extremely crazy busy lately… mainly being taken up this week by starting a new job at a fashion company called Visage in Manchester. I always knew the fashion industry was pretty much hands on from experience, but this is the ultimate test! Very tiring and complicated therefore blogging took a back seat!

Anyway, when I’m not chasing up suppliers or hassling buyers, iIm overhearing designers discussing A/W 2010 trends, and the most recent thing I heard today was… are you ready for it… the denim kilt. Yes, a kilt, but in denim. Aparantly they are all over the catwalks and they are heading into the stores this Autumn. I’m not sure about you, but doesn’t this sound like the most unflattering piece of clothing you could ever purchase? Anyway, you heard it here first, opinions are very welcome!

I think I’ll stick to wearing denim the usual way for now….

Picture two credited by Style.com

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