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Just a quick little post today to share something with all you hot drink lovers out there – especially caffeine addicts like me! I easily get into the habit of ordering a fatty latte per day, which is all well and good for an indulgent treat, but it’s not so great for 1) my purse, 2) my skin (dairy plays havoc with me!) and 3) bloating and weight gain.

I was recently introduced to The Skinny Caffe, an online retailer in which all their products are recommended for those looking to lose weight, fast and naturally, without having to sacrifice your daily coffee or hot drink needs. The reason I stress ‘hot drink’ is because they actually have a range of Skinny Caffe Hot Chocolate too!

The programs they offer are delicious and effectively designed to boost your metabolism, burn fat, increase energy levels throughout the day and suppress your appetite. And because they are designed to be tasty, it’s just a much better swap for your usual hot beverage kick.

I’ve been trying out the Skinny Caffe Skinny Coffee, a one month programme made up of instant coffee with extremely low calories. I either drink it black or with a splash of soya milk or almond milk, and it tastes just as good as a take-out Americano with milk I would usually pick up. Perhaps not as strong… but to me, that’s a good thing as I’m not overly keen on super strong coffee.

The formulas only ever contain natural, premium ingredients ethically sourced and selected for their amazing benefits. With instant drinks, a lot of companies can sacrifice the taste, in order to make them super healthy with zero calories, although they sometimes have nasties added in. Luckily, Skinny Caffee avoids taking this route, and the Skinny Coffee I’ve been getting through only contains the following ingredients below:

And, you can get 25% off with the code WHATEMMADID. What are you waiting for? Go go go (you can visit here!)


Roasted coffee

Coconut milk powder

Un roasted ground green coffee

Acai berry

Goji berry

Juniper berry

Garcinia cambogia

L carnitine

Raspberry ketones powder

Whether you are into fitness, well-being, slimming or dieting or want to partake on a detox, you’ll potentially become a firm fan of this brand. But I also wanted to make you away of some of their Slimming Low Calorie Snacks, Pancakes and Zero Calorie Syrups they also retail, which I haven’t yet tried, but they look incredible!

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