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Girls (and guys!) I’m super excited to share this post with you today! The timing is perfect for me to make this discovery, with the run up to the party season being right now. I’ve basically discovered a drinks brand called Kalosa, which twist together my favourite alcohol cocktail concoctions, without all the nasty calorie build up!

Yes, I’m talking about those girly fave’s, in the form of Elderflower and Gin, and Pink Grapefruit and Vodka. Bottled up, ready to sip, with 100% natural ingredients, and just 99 calories!

Did somebody say guilt free drinking?! OK, so I don’t actually mean properly guilt free, because they still contain your 4% alcohol volume, so you have to be careful when drinking ladies (call me boring, but I feel I have to reiterate this!). But put it one way, they are so much better than those calorie laden, sugar infused cocktails  or mixer bottles you see in bars, filled with artificial flavours and ingredients. Not to mention the highest sugar content, and hidden calories.

With Kalosa’s sleek packaging and refreshing mixes, these drinks are specially crafted for the modern drinker looking for an exciting and all-natural alternative to the norm.

The two flavours I’ve been trying out are actually up there in my favourites list, which is really lucky, especially Elderflower and Gin. I always opt for this tipped when I go out, usually muddled with some extras (or whatever fancy toppings the bar man throws in, usually sugar laden agauin). These have been made by mixing premium pure-distilled spirits with the finest natural ingredients and a splash of sparkling water, making KALOSA deliver a natural light spritz drink.

The best way to enjoy KALOSA drinks is to just pour over ice, garnish with a slice of lemon or grapefruit, and serve. Super simple, sophisticated, and with only 99 calories per bottle…virtually guilt free!

A mixed pack of 4 costs £10.95 from 31 Dover

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