Lifestyle: Making Your Home Cosy This Winter

This year. I was a day behind on tradition. I put my Christmas Tree and decorations up on the 2nd December, rather than the 1st, and boy do I feel like I’ve robbed myself a whole 24 hours of Christmas Spirit. I mean, everyone knows the 1st December is the official green light to go and get festive!

Now I’ve gotten over stealing myself of one more day of festivities, I wanted to share how I’ve been updating a few things in my home – and life – to try and inject a bit of cosy-ness, tranquillity and peace at home now the Winter time (and Christmas!) is fully setting in.

Firstly, I’ve made my lush grey sofa the focus point of my house, but in time for the cold snap, I’ve just invested in some new cream and black soft faux fur throws, so I can start making my sofa area a little more of a ‘hibernation area’. I’m an absolute sucker for sticking my central heating on at any given opportunity, so I’m homing by burying myself under mountains of furry throws on my super comfy sofa, I’ll be able to withhold having it on for hours on end.

Secondly, you know what Winter means…. new slippers time! I held off requesting a pair of new slippers as a gift this year, as believe it or not, I’m actually quite particular about slippers! I wanted the warmest, fluffiest, cosiest pair this December – ones that resemble large fluffy slipper boots in a fresh cream colour. So the ones I opted for as a new addition to my lazy Winter days are these Ruby + Ed Natural Cream Sheepy Boots from Amara Living, and I literally cannot take them off my feet!

They are sooooo warm and cosy, and actually go with the theme of my lounge, which let’s face it, that’s mega important if you want your whole lifestyle to sit within a theme and reflect your likes (for me anyway!).

They have a thick faux sheepskin exterior, and are in the shape of delightfully comfortable boots which will keep my feet toasty and warm during winter. You can tell they are real high quality too, so these aren’t going to wear down or get a little manky any time soon.

Keeping in with the fresh cream theme, I also added a new mug to my homewear collection this December. I constantly drink hot drinks allllll day – if it’s not green tea, its soya milk lattes of rocky road hot chocolate. Again from Amara, because I’m literally addicted to their homewear, this Aeron mug has made it as my firm new favourite. It has a real modern, unglazed and cracked exterior, making it feel like a premium, expensive mug to drink from. It’s made from high-fired stoneware in Portugal, giving this mug a delightful charm.

The unglazed exterior is complemented with a contrasting glazed inner, boasting a cracked pattern and subtle painterly design. It’s now the main holder for my steaming hot coffees!

And last but not least – candles! As soon as someone steps in my house (at any time of the year, not just Christmas or Winter!) they will always smell candles. I have them everywhere, laced around the house in a trail along with diffusers, letting their relaxing scents infuse the whole house. It’s not just the scents that I love, it’s the whole cracking, glowy light and sound they make, giving the house some ambiance and that extra bit of cosiness I just love!

NEOM is one of my newest favourite brands, which I had the pleasure of discovering through a sensory session at my work (I work for an online beauty retailer during the day). The NEOM team arrived and set up various home diffusers and candles in a large array of scents and smells, and I literally fell in love with the brand.

For me, it’s all about their Scent to Sleep range, which is truly stunning. I’m terrible at getting absorbed into my laptop and social media channels during the evening – especially those vital minutes before going to bed. This leads me to be up buzzing all night, literally like I’ve had a days’ worth of caffeine in my system.

All their candles and home fragrances are expertly blended so the scents really reflect what they say they do. So for example, the Scent and Sleep Tranquillity Scented Candle is packed with English Lavendar, Sweet Basil and Jasmine, plus 16 essential oils to encourage a better night sleep. Just bliss…

How have you prepared your home for the cold snap? Have you created a cosy, Winter abode? Do let me know, and I hope you found a few of my updates interesting!

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