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Just a quick little post this Sunday evening to highlight to you all about a fab product sharing website called If you are one of these shoppers who loves to share with people your favourite items and products, and also love to see what products other shoppers are raving about, then this could be worth checking out!

I joined today to join in with it’s lively growing community to see what products others are featuring and listing, and also to share some of my loves. As you all know, I am a make-up product and beauty industry fanatic, therefore I set up my list based on my Top 10 make-up and beauty products that I would recommend for someone unsure of what brands and hero products to chose from. I have also followed some fellow cosmetic queens on the site too, so I can see what products they are showcasing on their lists too.


It’s a great site for discovering new products, sharing ideas and just generally following interesting people and hoping to get some cool followers yourself!

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