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If your not an eBay addict, or a regular visitor to the worldwide buying and selling site, then I simply cannot imagine your shopping life and habits. My name is Emma and I am an eBay addict – I have been an avid fan and eBay lover for possibly 10 years. It is actually part of my life… before I buy any cosmetic or skincare products, I ‘nip’ on eBay and check out who is selling on there first. If a gig comes to my city, I’ll check the ticket section first. But more so, I sell on eBay too… I work in the fashion industry so having new clothes and a fresh wardrobe are just parts of my everyday life, so I am quick to sell my clothes on the website after only one or two wears. If I’m not going to get anymore wear out of something, then it makes sense to sell it. Now surely if you haven’t been on eBay yet, my little speech just then has tempted you a little bit?

It is gradually taking over the shopping world, in my eyes anyway. And the most exciting news to date is that they have just launched eBay Collections- where buyers and sellers can set up their own profiles which feature various ‘boards’ mapping out different themes, trends, areas to showcase favourite products. It is like your own little creative hub to share ideas related to fashion, home, beauty, electronics and lifestyle, little hubs of mood board inspired pin boards to tell a story about a certain look, or to simply express inspiration to shoppers. It’s your ‘collections’ – anything you want to visually showcase, you can!

ebay collections

So I started to get creative throughout January and set myself up a number of collections displaying my favourite fashion trends and themes. Your profile and boards are a mere reflection of yourself and what you love, so it made sense to focus mine on uber cool trends and style-inspired collections. From ‘Let’s Hear It For New York’, ‘‘Parisian Pretty‘ and ‘Country Girl’ to ‘Vintage Home‘, you can see I have focused on the fashion capitals and their looks, to sought after home inspirations and ideas.

ebay col

My aims behind my collections is to introduce shoppers into my world of colour, ideas, style, quirky finds and more importantly – creativity! Browse the collections and open up your mind to exciting shopping themes and fantastic finds that you wouldn’t always think of or know about. The retail industry needs a little bit of fun adding to it every now and again, so why not embrace your visual creative side and divulge into a moment of browsing…

Take a look at my eBay Collections here, where you will find a few of my favourite things!

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