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As a beauty blogger, I am always interested in hearing about brands I haven’t been made aware of yet, and of course, testing them out. I’m loyal to a number of brands and have a few hero products I purchase every month, but love trialing new ones to see if they can make it into my beauty bag essentials . So for this month, I was introduced to Arbonne – a brand developed in Switzerland which aims to provide skincare products unparalleled in quality and effectiveness. Put together by leading bio-chemists, biologists and herbalists, Arbonne has been born based on botanical principles, and the brand states the products naturally enhance your beauty and well-being with products that are safe, pure and beneficial. A friend of mine who I have met over in Sydney introduced me to Arbonne as she is one of the brands independent consultants, who raise awareness of the Arbonne brand. Just from being friends with her I had already learnt a lot about the brand and have seen/tested a large number of the products, however I was more than happy to attend an evening put together by my friend and another Arbonne consultant where they talked about working for the company as an independent consultant, and of course, giving us the low down on the collections… with lots of cheese and wine too!

Arbonne’s product range doesn’t just cover the usuals – skincare, cosmetics and haircare, but also covers nutrition, sun protection and fragrances. Therefore Arbonne offers a ‘lifestyle’ – not only can you shop for products which really treat and look after your skin and hair, you can also have a collection of make-up products that care for your skin too, as well as a wide range of vitamins and minerals which look after you from the inside. I was really interested to see that whilst I can shop my essential beauty products, I can also shop for antioxident vitamins, fitness protein shakes and bars, herbal teas and dietary supplements if I wish too! A nice change, as I usually go to different brands for all of the above.

The product range at Arbonne is huge, covering every skin concern from anti ageing, sensitive, acne-prone and everyday basics. There is even a collection for men, which is a growing area within the beauty industry.


Everyone’s skin concerns are different, but I know for myself I usually go for products that have cell renewal which get rid of any sun damage or red marks left from previous skin outbreaks, as well as taking care of aging (I know I’m only 27 but you got to start somewhere!) so I was happy to see a collection of cell renewal products at Arbonne which aim to increase cell turnover, exfoliate and reveal brighter, smoother skin, in particularly the RE9 Advanced Cellular Renewal Masque. I haven’t tried this product range yet, but the masque especially is on my list of products to buy!

However, I did take away a selection of products from the Clear Control range and also the anti-aging RE9 Corrective Eye Creme which glides on so easily and melts into under eye skin smoothly. I only used the eye cream for two days before I started to feel like the skin around my eyes looked brighter and the little squinting lines a little less obvious.

As for the Clear Control range, this would be a good one for teenagers or those in their mid twenties suffering from spot prone and oily skin. The collection of skin wash, cleanser, toner and clarifying cream all aim to work together to create spot-free skin without using harsh chemicals which can ruin the skin after long term use…

If you are interested in a brand which delivers a product range made up of luxury, quality products that care to look after skin and well-being with natural ingredients, you might want to have a look on the company website and see what you think. If you are also passionate about working with this product range and creating a business for yourself, it could be worth looking into the routes to take for becoming an independent consultant for Arbonne. There are lots of incentives, rewards and travel opportunities whilst working for the brand, and if beauty is your passion, you could succeed very highly in the business!

Take a look at (Australian site) or for everyone else worldwide!

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