Hair: Aveda Tribe Salon Review

A quick post today focusing on a hair salon review, which I very rarely cover on the blog, however after a disastrous week last week I decided it was worth a write up! Basically, after highlighting my hair since I have been about 14 years old, I can’t remember a time when a salon has messed up producing blonde highlights. Sure I’ve had the odd slip-up where it’s been too brassy or a little bit too dull, but in general, UK hairdressers tend to get blonde hair right. I’ve been a full head brunette and gone from dark brown to bright blonde in two sittings, without any slip-ups or mistakes.

So after 8 months of growing my natural hair colour and booking into Vee Vee Hair Salon in Sydney’s Bondi Junction, I was horrified that they managed to mess up a half head of blonde highlights. Instead of natural looking, fine highlights of different blonde shades, I got a drastic stripe of contrasting white blonde and light brown. Who would ever think to do that? Even worse, I went back the next day for the ‘manager’ to correct it and she ended up messing up the toner so much I ended up with a blue tinge and an even more dramatic stripe!

Anyway… Aveda Tribe to the rescue. I have been aware of Aveda for years and years, and always associated the brand with being premium and a leader in the haircare industry. However, I wasn’t aware that there are special Aveda hair salons dotted around until I came to Sydney.

aveda 1

I’m currently contracting for David Jones Head Office in Sydney CBD within online marketing, and I noticed a luxury Aveda Tribe hair salon on the lower ground floor of their flagship department store. I walked in on my lunch break and sat down with a lady who I can only describe as truly professional and a hair care genius. She took one look at the blonde disaster and knew exactly how to correct and treat it – without putting any colour or bleach back onto my hair! She booked me in with a stylist for that evening, and after a detox shampoo and a gloss treatment, I walked out of the salon with a natural, warm, blended blonde colour all over. No dyes or bleach or toners used. Professional, well trained hair dressers are so under-rated these days- you can’t beat the relief and happiness you feel when you know you are in good hands. The stylists at Aveda Tribe didn’t even need to explain to me how they were going to correct the mess, they just ensured me they would do it and I needn’t worry about a thing, especially as I was worried I was going to undergo my third session of bleach! I left with a goody bag of miniature hair product samples too which so far have been brilliant products to trial (Aveda moisture shampoo and conditioner for dry hair – incredible!)


Hair salon reviews from a personal account are priceless, so I wanted to share with your my positive experience at the Aveda Tribe salon. If you are new to Sydney and want a recommended hairdressers, look no further. The salon I attended was situated on the lower ground at David Jones as mentioned above, however there may be more situated around the city. I will most definitely be returning when it’s time for a blonde top up! Go check them out Sydneysiders!

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