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Chatting excitedly over copious piles of pizzas and unique cocktails with a crowd of independent bloggers the other week made me realise all of a sudden that hey – the blogging industry is utterly fantastic.

Not only have I made so many new friends from this busy world of bloggers, all from different niches, but I also learn so much from them all in different ways. Bloggers all have a different story to tell: some are new to this world, some are very established, some have amazing creative jobs aside from their blog and some are the most inspiring ladies I have ever met. The best thing is, that whenever there is a blogger event, a networking session or just a general blogger catch up, we all have one thing in common: our blogs. Our passion, our love and our dedication. I am yet to meet a blogger who doesn’t give two hoots about their website they have built themselves. So here is a little post to celebrate the reasons why I love the blogging community, and to show the people out there considering joining this world why it’s a pretty cool thing to do!

1. They offer influential media platforms that didn’t always exist. Ten years ago, girls browsed Elle and Vogue for fashion, style and beauty inspiration. Nowadays, they tend to have a favourite blogger bookmarked.

2. Due to the amount of passion and dedication each blogger has towards their website means that the content produced daily is of a phenomenal standard. Thus excellent resources and news at our fingertips.

3. Bloggers become a support group. Due to so many people running blogs nowadays, if I have a problem with my blog (technically or visually) I can count on blogger support groups and social media channels to reach out to a world of bloggers ready to help and assist me.

4. An excuse to get together and network. The event I recently attended which I discussed in my opening paragraph was put together by a blogger friend I have called Jessica, in which the event was named BlogCrush. It included a handful of Manchester based bloggers getting together at Crazy Pedros Part Time Pizza Parlour,┬ádiscussing what we love about blogging over pizza and cocktails. The event gave us all the chance to write each other ‘love notes’ about each other and positive comments about our lives from what we picked up from each other from the discussions. It is these types of events that expand our blogger friendship circles, let us pick up tips from each other, and of course allow us to try out new foods and eateries!

crazy pedros
crazy pedro
5. The photography skills of bloggers is rising everyday, and with blogs becoming such an important form of media these days, everyday people will follow blogs to lust over the beautiful imagery. It has helped build a world of image sharing and photographic inspiration.

6. Blogging has created opportunities for girls and guys who would have struggled without the exposure of their blogs. Fashion and beauty brands now recruit popular bloggers to become the faces of their brands, allowing someone with knowledge and a real love for their brand to become an ambassador.

7. Bloggers are travelling all corners of the globe to explore more places to see, more scenery to shoot and more experiences to take, simply to share with their readers. Bloggers who get to do this weekly are so grateful for the opportunities given to them, and inspire their readers by sharing their tales.

8. It’s a platform to express personal thoughts and feelings, similar to an online diary. Sometimes sharing your thoughts with complete strangers can be therapeutic to some people, and bloggers stories can reach out to others.

9. Bloggers of a certain niche category can become an online expertise in a particular area. Before blogs became big, these passionate people couldn’t make themselves known to people at a simple Google search.

10. The best bit is the community as a whole, the building of friendships, the fun experiences bloggers can have together and the new relationships that can grow from the blogging world. I can’t even begin to list all the girls I love to pieces who I have met through blogging, but some of them know more about me than my old friends. The above reasons are why I will never stop blogging or call it a day with – it’s just too much of a good lifestyle to give up. With blogging comes a lot of hard work (that not everyone is aware of), but the positives are extremely rewarding. I mean – just look at these yummy pizzas from Crazy Pedro’s if you need any more persuading?

crazy pedros
crazy pedros

Three cheers to the blogging industry!

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