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I find that as a girl, we all spend far too much time discussing all the things we don’t like about ourselves. We get too wrapped up with moaning about the things we dislike about our hair, face, skin, shape, etc,  therefore in today’s post, I am going to share with you one thing I love about myself – because we should all become a little more aware of what we have been blessed with. Go on… take a long hard think. What physical feature are you lucky to have? For me, I have naturally straight hair, and I spend far too much time wishing it had more body, more of a wave, more volume, pretty much more of everything. But not today – I’m encouraging us all to stop focusing on the negative and cheer about our natural greatness! Naturally poker straight hair is hard to come by, so I’m feeling grateful today for the fact that I own it…

The fact I have naturally poker straight hair is great for all sorts of reasons; I can go swimming on holiday and don’t have to worry about sporting an afro afterwards, and I rarely need to use straighteners to push out any waves or curls. But what I do find is that even though it’s straight, I need to invest in a good pair of hair straighteners to smooth the hair, lock in some shine, and give it a sleeker finishing look. For this, it needs to be a quick job, and this Summer, I think I found the ideal pair!

cloud nine white touch

I’ve been using The White Touch from Cloud Nine – the world’s first automatic Iron in brilliant white. What makes this model unique is that the plates start working from the first stroke, with no on/off switch. I just simply plug in The White Touch and begin to smooth over my hair – no time spent waiting for the straighteners to heat up. This is particularly great for me as with naturally straight hair, I don’t need to spend any more time using tools which heat up in order to deliver a styling result –I just quickly go over large sections of my hair for that extra bit of smoothing help to create for that finishing touch straight hair needs.

cloud nine white touch
cloud nine white touch
For those with frizz prone/wavy hair who do really need a professional straightening iron to work effectively on trickier hair types, The White Touch has a dual temperature control system so you can find the perfect temperature for your hair. The White Touch automatically heats to 195°, which is ideal for medium to thick hair. For finer hair, you simply switch to 165° by touching the plates together three times. To move the heat back up to 195°, you just touch the plates twice and carry on styling. Pretty clever, right?
The on/off technology in The White Touch means once you put the iron down onto a surface, it automatically switches off after 30 seconds. I’m feeling these are the perfect hair tool for us busy girls on the go!

They are a limited Summer styling tool, available for £99 over at Cloud Nine and they are definitely a hero hair product of mine this year…

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