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Yesterday, I received one of the best packages I’ve had in a long time. I’m a sucker for anything personalised and customised – it just makes everything a million times more personal and touching. So to mark the fifth anniversary of the Slender Blend and Protein World, they sent me a bright yellow box in the post which contained my own Slender Blend – The Emma Blend!

This personalised Slender Blend of protein from Protein World is a fantastic initiative for the Christmas period, as it makes a lovely, thoughtful gift for anyone interested in fitness, diet, health and well-being.

So what is the limited edition personalised Protein World Slender Blend?

Well, it has the same delicious taste as the original Slender Blender, but with an improved texture to make it a more indulgent shake. It’s an easy to use, premium meal replacement shake for men and women that gives fast results, not matter what your aim. Mainly though, it’s for those who want to trim up a little bit, slim down a touch, and all in one, encourage being more ‘slender’.

You can enjoy it mixed with water or milk for a post-gym drink, a snack during the day between meals, or as an actual meal replacement if you are looking to loose a little weight.


For me, I just like to make sure I have enough protein in my diet, because it’s actually an excellent source for hair and nail growth. So I put a scoop into my Porridge or usual cereal and mix with milk every morning.

My personalised Emma Blend is vanilla flavour, which is my favourite flavour when it comes to protein (second place has to be salted caramel for that sweet, warming flavour!) and it contains 24 g Whey Protein and 25 vitamins and minerals (including Zinc, which is a key one for me). Plus, its gluten free, speeds up the metabolism, is less than 150 calories per serving, and suitable for vegetarians.



If you know a gym gal, a fitness fella, or someone who is generally wanting to pay more attention to their diet and get more slender, then I recommend this limited edition Slender Blend from Protein World soooooo much. It even looks adorable!

It costs £19.99, and you can preview how your customised jar will look before purchasing.

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