Beauty: The Stocking Filler Gift Guide

As we’re officially approaching the ‘mid November’ mark, and Black Friday hasn’t yet approached, its definitely the right time to start kicking off the gift guides. I’ll be running numerous versions on What Emma Did as per usual, and this one focusing on small sized gifts and stocking fillers is the first one!

So without further waffle, here’s a few ideas for you when looking for gifts for your friends, family and all those in between…

For those who like Beauty…

Beauty is huuuuge business right now, with everyone from your younger sister to your Grandma having an interest in some form of beauty product/brands. If you’re gifting one of your girlfriends, you can’t go wrong with a palette. whether that be an eye shadow palette, a highlighter palette, a blusher palette, or a contour palette. The one in the above photo is one of my favourites right now, and is from beauty blogger Laurielle in collaboration with BeautyCrush. So if you have a beauty blogger obsessive friend, she may appreciate this one!

However, you can find super affordable ones from Essence at Wilkinson’s if you’re doing a Secret Santa, or just want to fill up your sisters stocking.The one above costs just £4, and it consists of 8 high quality nude shades which are actually perfect for both day and night!

Another booming category at the moment are makeup brushes. The best ones in my opinion are from Morphe, Zoeva and Sigma, but it totally depends on your budget. Zoeva are pricey, but they are definitely ‘keepsake’ brushes which give professionalism. I bought these for my twin sister last year!

For a Special Memory

Have you ever been travelling with a friend, and shared precious memories together? Or how about a work colleague, who is now your BFF and you have shared so many experiences over the years together? Go out of your way with personalized gifts, something that shows a bit of thought, and something that no one else will quite ‘get’.

Uncommon Goods is a website I discovered which does the job perfectly well for this. You can get all kinds of personalized, unique gifts which you can customise to the person you are gifting. They have everything from Custom Map Coasters as above, and Morse Code jewelry, like the necklace above too. Imagine how special your friend would feel receiving something exclusive to an experience only you two have had? Like visiting a super cool place in a foreign country, or representing a secret nickname you have for each other?
For Everyone Else

For those on your list that you struggle with because a) they don’t have many obvious hobbies or interests so you can’t get anything tailored to them, or b) they never seem happy with anything they receive, look for something that has that touch of difference.

Uncommon Goods has a range of Christmas Gift Ideas which are exactly as the name implies – uncommon. From jewellery with embossed wording, to boards set up specifically for hosting cheese and biscuits, you’ll find something that your friends and family have just got to love. For the cooks or wannabe chefs out there (or actually, the lazy student!) they even retail a 45 second omelette maker – I kid you not. I also stumbled across an F-Bomb paperweight which reminded me of some friends I have who are ridiculously foul mouthed, and I’m always telling them off!

For a full list, check out their Gifts for Friends page which hosts some thoughtful and funny ideas.

For the friend who needs pampering…

Everyone knows that one friend (or family member) who has had a bit of a rough year and really deserves a good pampering session. Spa days and little breaks away are perfect for these people – but don’t always fit into budget. If you really want to treat someone you know deserves to take time out and look after themselves, look at some smaller options which are just as impactful.

Face masks, lip plumping balms, relaxation candles and even wellness and nutrition gifts, like vitamins, are appreciated. Why not put a hand-picked hamper together, incorporating the perfect package for a pampering night in?

If you want some recommendations from me, I can really recommend the Epoch Marine Mud Mask, which draws out imperfections and clears the complexion. Its actually raved about for treating acne in as little as 4 weeks, if you have a friend who is always down about their skin problems.

Have a think about what products they would appreciate during a night in pamper, and fill your box accordingly. Everyone loves a personal gift, put together by the gift giver, so you know its bound to go down a treat…

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