Beauty: Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara at Wilkinson’s Review

If you often read online beauty news, trawl the top beauty blogs, watch vloggers on YouTube or scroll through social media for hours on end, I bet you have already heard the hype around the Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara. It’s been recently rated as one of the best mascaras from beauty editors and bloggers alike, not to mention the general public of course.

My current Lancome mascara is costing me £28, and although I love it (it really is fantastic) the price is killing me. Like actually making me hold onto my tubes of mascara until I literally can’t scrape anymore product out. So as this Essence version – which is available to buy at Wilkinson’s – costs just £3.30 (yes, an actual £3.30), I was more than willing to put it to the test!

The packaging is pretty cool, with its black and pale green lettering and quirky design, however it doesn’t resemble a premium looking mascara at first glance. And that’s because it really isn’t: it’s completely high street, as you’ll usually find the beauty range from Essence at Wilkinson’s all ranging from £1-£5 for a majority of key items. £4 eye shadow palettes… £1.50 lip liners… so this £3.30 mascara fits in well.

However, from the first use, I noticed its ability to lift my lashes, separating them as the wand brushes through, volumising them and coating each lash with a thick black coating. There’s no tackiness or glooping – just smooth, black mascara lifting and lengthening the lashes, exactly the same as my luxury Lancome version.

The photos above are a combination of a) me in a makeup studio having a photo done under the ring light, and b) sat in my car taking a snap with my poor quality iPhone SE phone. No editing – just raw photos which don’t necessarily flatter my face too much. However, what you can see clearly is that my lashes look fantastic in my opinion – dramatic, long and flirty, and jet black!

The wand glides through the lashes super easily, and after 2 coatings, I’m left with luscious, long, lengthened lashes which certainly live up the the false lash effect name.

For £3.30, its a winner in my eyes. I love it just as much as my £28 Lancome one, so I think its a pretty easy decision which one I’ll be re-purchasing!

(One leaving note – it can be a little smudgy, so after a few hours of wearing, I do notice little smudges on my eyelid, but I have very small eyelids which my lashes rub off onto at the best of times, so this isn’t unusual for me to notice this. But just an FYI!)

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