Lifestyle: Planning a Christmas Night Out With The Girls

Every year, I have an annual girls (plus two guys!) Christmas night out where we all get together for a big evening out. It’s the one night of the year where everyone is in attendance (we’re talking around 16 of us), we all dress up in our best occasion dresses, and we indulge in so much Prosecco and food. We also do an annual Secret Santa, and play Christmas themed games around the table. If you can’t do it at Christmas, when can you do it?

It’s also one of the first times I share some random iPhone photos from my nights out with mt girl and guy friends, that aren’t designed for the blog! A more ‘personal’ snapshot of my life.

Because there are so many of us, there is usually a different person each year that takes on the responsibility of planning the night. As you can imagine, planning a night to suit that many people can be quite stressful, and we have to take into consideration we all live in various places dotted around the North West of England.

Stress aside, it’s possibly one of the best nights of the year, so I thought I’d use my annual gathering to share with you all the best way to organise one yourself! We usually stick with Manchester as the more central location for all of us, so I’ve used this city as the key example.

1. Let everyone have their vote

The most important thing is that everyone can make it, so use a form of online quiz to let everyone enter their available dates. I use TypeForm for my quiz creator – it’s my life saver for planning these type of events, because as well as using it to let people vote for the best weekend dates, you can also insert other quiz questions to help plan the night, such as food cuisine preferences, menu choices, meeting places and any other preferences you want to find out!

2. Arrange a Secret Santa

Make it more fun by organising a group Secret Santa! I do this by entering everyone into an online quiz and pulling out the random selections. I let everyone enter their ideal gift too, so whoever gets their person, they can get them what they actually wish for. However, I find it much more fun when people leave this blank. You can’t beat a good old surprise!

3. Set a dress code

Themed nights are by far the most fun, and the ones which I love the most are when we all plan a certain theme! You can literally have as much fun as you like with this, such as stiletto night, or LBD night to keep things quite safe. Or, to be a little wilder, you can arrange something a bit more ‘out there’, like funky headwear (reindeer ears, Santa hats, angel halo) or glitter and gold! That’s actually a really classy, super girly idea, for everyone to implement an element of glitter or gold into their outfit I’m making note of that one…

4. Plan games and quizzes relevant to the group

A Christmas fun filled night with the girls is only complete when there is some fun injected to the evening, so start doing some games and quizzes at the table! Use online quizzes when around the table especially if your crowd is the kind to like a little challenge from time to time. Everyone has online access pretty much all the time, so why not create a fun quiz just for them on the night? It won’t take you long to create something you’ll be proud to share and have a laugh with, whether it be a trivia challenge, geography face-off, celebrity knowledge… you’re the quiz master, you decide!

5. Decide your venues beforehand

There’s nothing worse than a group of 15-20 prosecco fuelled friends loitering around the town wondering which bar to go into next. To avoid this, draw up a plan earlier and liaise with bars to reserves a boot and table areas. Why not even pre-order a few bottles of pop on the table so you don’t have to queue at the bar? Aim to start the night after the meal with a smaller, cosier bar with nice seating areas, a busy vibe and good music. Then, get yourselves on the guest list at a club you can remain in all night, to avoid being stuck where to end up (and spending half an hour in queues).

If you haven’t got an annual Christmas get together with your friends sorted yet, then hopefully this blog post will have given you some festive inspiration!

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