Fashion: Style Yourself for a Winter Night Out

Those longer summer nights are now long gone and winter is officially coming, which means wrapping ourselves up warm so as we don’t catch our death. If you’re stuck on how to look the part while keeping warm, then worry not because there is always a way that fashion has your back. And you can still look fashionable whilst embracing the cold!

When heading out for the night when there is a chill in the air, it makes us all wonder what the perfect attire is. Do you go with the big coat and drown your outfit, or put up with the cold air and bare those legs, as you will only be going to and from the taxi, right?

A Night Out With the Girls

If you have a girls night planned, then that probably means hitting the bars and clubs. You want to look your best, appear chic not chilly, foxy not freezing.

When worn right, leather looks fantastic and, with the temperature gradually dropping, autumn/winter is the perfect time to wear it. Either a statement-making leather jacket or leather skirt, topped off with a graphic tee and pumps will be sure to keep your look on top form, as well as keeping you warm. Faux leather, or real leather, holds the heat, and it looks dressy without being OTT.

With a leather jacket, your outfit keeps to a neutral colour whilst still making a bold statement. You may not want to go full-on rock chic, but you will definitely not be the girl that anyone would want to mess with. I tend to wear this one below with a faux fur trim collar…

Date Night

A night when it is just you and your significant other, precious time alone with nobody else around, date nights are important for all couples. Some have them more than others, but that doesn’t change how special they are.

Naturally, you always want to look your best for that special someone, even though they wouldn’t have eyes for anyone else even if you showed up wearing little more than a bin bag (but don’t do that). This is when you may want to feel more feminine so a sophisticated yet sexy dress fits the bill.

Luckily, long sleeves are in, and even more so the whole one-shoulder long sleeve dress where just one side is long. Go for metallic shades, like gold or bronze, or even muted blacks, grey’s, navy’s and creams. To perfectly complement your dynamic look, match your dress with striking jewellery such as a thick gold necklace with a bold pendant. If bracelets are more your thing, then be sure to check out the range of exquisite leather and silver piece from Tateossian.

Casual Night Out

Not every event calls for that little black dress. In fact, casual nights out are often the best, because they are usually the most comfortable!

If you are heading to the pub for a few drinks with friends or heading out to watch a film, throw on your favourite pair of jeans. If you want to wear a pair of heels, go for it; otherwise, wear smart trainers or boots with the end of your jeans tucked in.

On your top half, wear a comfortable plain cotton jumper that will keep you cosy when outside, but won’t sit too heavy inside as there is nothing worse than feeling too warm when you cannot remove further layers. Besides, if you do feel too cold once you head outside, you can slip a jacket on.

Whatever the occasion, the most important thing is that you look and feel comfortable with what you wear and that you keep warm as the temperatures drop and you can see your breath! If you use the above as a rough guide on how to style yourself this winter, you will be sure to keep your fashion sense hot in the cold.

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