Lifestyle: A Night at Gala Bingo

So I’ll start with a confession: I was guilty of assuming Bingo was for older people. There, I said it. It didn’t ever pop to my mind when I’ve been bored on a Friday night, looking for something fun and affordable to do. But when Gala Bingo got in touch with me and quizzed me if I’d ever experienced a night at one of their bingo halls, and if not, would I like to go, I pondered the thought.

What could be so dull about an evening of lighthearted fun games, an evening meal, some drinks and a crossing of the fingers for a streak of winners luck? With that attitude, I booked myself and my boyfriend in for a night at Gala Bingo in Ashton-Under-Lyne, Manchester.

Long gone are the days when Bingo was a hall full of elderly ladies, using only a bingo book and a dabber pen, wanting to win an array of tacky gifts. Now, bingo is new improved. Now, think open plan, modern styled halls where people sit alone or in crowds in little seating booths, with a fully stocked bar to hand with waiter service, a yummy food menu, cash prizes, and tablet style devices to play the game on!

When we arrived, the lady at the counter signed us up, before handing us over to the manager who shown us around, gave us a little tour, and talked through the evenings games. I thought the tablet devices might be a little confusing, but they literally couldn’t be any easier! You just log in, head to the evenings game section, and you can chose the auto option which makes playing bingo the most simple thing in the world!

So, once my double vodka and diet coke was ordered and my vegetable chilli and rice was on its way, I selected the auto function, and watched as the numbers were automatically crossed off for me as the bingo reader selected the numbers. All you have to do is keep an eye on how many remaining numbers you have before you have a line, two lines, or a full house – it’s actually that simple.

And if you do manage to win, you press the ‘claim’ button on the tablet, and you’ve secured your winnings! So best attention at all times! I actually was ecstatic to realise that I managed to win £30 – woohoo! I wasn’t expecting to win at all, but ended up walking out £30 up, armed with the cutest pink flamingo soft toy too. Winner!

I was overly shocked how affordable it is for a night at Gala Bingo. The meals are even cheaper than your standard pub meals, and it’s not just a case of offering a burger and chips and a microwave lasagna, its a proper menu full of choice. It’s unlikely you’ll pay much more than a fiver for a main meal.

If you’re looking for an unexpected fun filled night, with plenty of laughs, cheap food, a few drinks and to release your competitive streak, then I highly recommend sourcing your nearest Gala Bingo. Enjoy!

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