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When 2018 kicked in, I started the year with a bit of a change to my life. I made my six year ‘side job’ more of a full time job, and became a full time Bridal Makeup Artist.

I can’t tell you how much I love the job. but squeezing it in during my evenings and weekends for the past six years, as well as running and holding up a full time job as a Beauty PR Manager was killing me off.

So, I decided to start focusing on what made me happy in life. And the wedding industry is one of them!

I mean, what’s not to love about being so heavily involved with weddings? (Any men reading this now are slowly skulking off…)

There’s just something about the buzz and excitement on the morning of a wedding, making all the bridesmaids and the bride look super pretty for their big day.

And as well as becoming an expert in making the bridal party all look very super special, I’m also becoming a bit of a pro now on all other things associated with weddings: floral arrangements, wedding cakes, first dance songs, bands, singers, performances, venue choices…

So much so that later on this year, I’m actually going to be taking a one-day intensive course in events management, ran by a UK leading Wedding Planning Specialist!

It will teach me everything from the business side to weddings, to knowing the right paths to take to find the right entertainment, lighting, food and decorations, whilst keeping within budget.

It will also give me further insights to bridal and bridesmaid dresses, so I can have knowledge on fabrics, fittings and trends. Silk and taffeta fabric, I’ll be an expert…

One thing I’ve found out for myself up to now that within the wedding industry, there are so many great network style websites, which take the pain out of choosing various suppliers.

For example, I’m on a few sites like Hitched and Bark, which help brides choose makeup and hair stylists for their big day.

There is also one called Alive Network, which is an easy-to-use live entertainment booking agency website. I tend to do the majority of my weddings in Cheshire, Staffordshire, Manchester and Birmingham, and I’ve mentioned it to a number of brides along the way.

Finding the right band/musicians for your wedding is one of the most crucial plans in my opinion!

Alive Network make it easy for you to hire every kind of live entertainment imaginable from all over the UK. They don’t just focus on the music side – they cover comedians in Manchester and live bands in Birmingham, to dance acts from down South and beyond!

You just pop in the drop box what type of event it is (wedding!), the date of your wedding and area, and you can find all the best live entertainment acts to browse, and do further research on if you need.

It’s amazing how much needs to be considered when planning the perfect wedding, and I’m impressed at how much I’ve learnt over the last few years – but especially this year since throwing myself in full time.

My next step is to try and book myself in to exhibit at Wedding Fairs next year for 2020. It’s something I haven’t needed to do before, with lots of word of mouth recommendations and social media interest, but I feel it would benefit myself to get out there more. Meeting other suppliers, visiting new venues… it literally excites me so much!

Now all I need is to have a wedding of my own, but that’s another story…

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