The Awful Travellers Infections I Caught From Marrakesh

A lot of you have mentioned how quiet I was over on the What Emma Did Instagram account throughout December and Christmas. It was probably the first time in a about a year I’ve taken time away from the social media world, and sadly, it wasn’t through choice.

December saw me struck down and completely ‘off the grid’ for a good three weeks with two terrible infections. My health took a battering, and although I’ll go into all the details in a moment, one positive thing has rose from it all: never take your health for granted.

I for one have always been a relatively healthy person. I’ve suffered a few unlucky ‘things’ throughout my life: I’m a full on acne sufferer, in which it’s down to a hormonal problem which I’m close to believing will never quite go away. My skin doesn’t heal, so new spots scar on top of old marks, leaving me with a red, dull complexion.

However, when it comes to illnesses, diseases and overall health, I tend to be just fine. Yes I get the occasional cold and bouts of tonsillitis from time to time, but in general I’m more than fit and healthy.

Being floored and absolutely delirious for almost three weeks not only gave me a month unpaid during the most expensive month of the year, but it made me set new health goals. 1) Always eat a balanced diet and get all the vitamins I can into my system. Take supplements but try to get the majority from my meals. 2) Don’t ignore any health concerns. Whether it means getting full DNA and genetics testing to find out any underlying health issues, or a full blood count test done to uncover and deficiencies, at 32 it’s a good age to completely understand your health.

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So, in a nutshell, my 5 day trip to Marrakesh saw me catch Cryptosporidiosis, also known as Crypto. It is a parasitic disease caused by Cryptosporidium, which affects the small intestine and can affect the respiratory tract. It is primarily spread through contaminated water, and causes severe diarrhea, nausea and stomach cramps.

I have no idea what it was over there that brought this on, but all I know is that I have never been so poorly in my life. And on top of this, I then also caught Camplyobacter – another form of infection which mainly comes from eating food contaminated with Campylobacter species. So they say poultry is a big one for this.

Symptoms were similar: feeling sick, severe diarrhea, low fever, fast heart rate, low blood pressure, stomach cramps and just completely delirious. The combination of them both hitting me at once meant I was keeping no nutrients or solids in, passing everything through up to 15 times a day!

I ended up in hospital having all sorts of tests and ended up on a drip, which wasn’t quite the way I wanted to see out 2018!

Anndddddd…. on top of this… I got a lovely dose of Tonsillitis as my immune system was just completely shot. So I started a course of Penicillin just whilst the two infections were kicking in.

After the Penicillin course, I was given a course of antibiotics to clear the Campylobacter, but the Crypto parasite was self-limiting, and just has to pass on it’s own. Well, apparently there is a treatment for it called Nitazoxanide, but I was never prescribed it.

After two-three weeks of being like a zombie (over Christmas and New Year, thank you, next…) I am finally better for the start of 2019. And one things for sure: I’ll be getting regular checks to ensure its completely out of my system and that I don’t suffer from it coming back, which apparently can happen.

So here’s a big new years resolution for this year. Always be grateful and happy for your full health, and never take it for granted…

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